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1060 aluminum plate for automotive heat shield

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At the bottom of the vehicle, the more obvious is the aluminum plate. Because the exhaust pipe is very hot, it is absolutely impossible without insulation. The function of the automobile heat shield is mainly to reduce the radiant heat flow, and at the same time, it also has a certain effect of local noise isolation. When the car is running at high speed, the air at the bottom of the car body flows faster, and the convection heat transfer at this time will be beneficial to the heat dissipation of the bottom parts of the car.

1060 aluminum plate for automobile heat insulation board

The aluminum content of 1060 aluminum material reaches 99.6%, and it is also called pure aluminum plate.

The density of 1060 aluminum plate is 2.7 g/cm, which can be used for interior decoration of buses, automobile heat shields, signs, thermal insulation aluminum coils, aluminum bus bars, heat sinks, etc.

Summary of performance advantages of 1060 aluminum plate:Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet china company - Decoulife

1. 1060 aluminum plate is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

2. High formability, meeting the conventional stamping and stretching requirements.

3. Application reliability. High pressure.

4. Light weight, good for equipment and migration.

5. Aluminum plate energy saving and emission reduction. The application cost is low.

6. Good thermal conductivity.

The main uses of 1060 aluminum plate are many, mainly products with low strength requirements, which is also determined by the performance of the product. The product has excellent tensile strength and compressive strength, and most of them can meet the basic production and processing regulations. (Stamping, drawing), high plasticity. The strength of 1060 aluminum plate is not high, and the heat treatment process cannot be strengthened. If it is a product that must have high strength, this product is not suitable, so the company should choose it according to its own actual needs when purchasing aluminum plates.

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