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3003 aluminum plate for automobile water tank radiator

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3003 aluminum plate for automobile water tank radiator

The car water tank generally refers to the radiator (car radiator), which belongs to the car cooling system. The water tank is an important part of the water-cooled engine. As an important component of the cooling circuit of the water-cooled engine, the selection of raw materials has certain requirements. There are two main types of automotive radiators: aluminum and copper. Aluminum radiators are generally used for passenger cars, and copper radiators are generally used for large commercial vehicles.

The water tank can absorb the heat of the cylinder block and prevent the engine from overheating. Due to the large specificAluminum Plates price - Decoulife heat capacity of water, the temperature rise after absorbing the heat of the cylinder block is not much, so the heat of the engine passes through the liquid circuit of cooling water, and uses water as a heat carrier to conduct heat. , and then dissipate heat by convection through the large-area heat sink to maintain the proper working temperature of the engine.

The 3003 aluminum plate used for the radiator of the automobile water tank belongs to the aluminum-manganese series alloy. The strength is about 10% higher than that of the 1100. It is a widely used anti-rust aluminum plate, which still has a long service life in some humid environments.

Aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation. Under the condition of satisfying the heat dissipation performance, the selection of aluminum alloy can improve the strength of the heat dissipation part (pure aluminum is easily oxidized in the atmospheric environment for a long time, and some aluminum alloys can effectively resist oxidation). The heat transfer performance of aluminum alloy is better than that of stainless steel, and the heat transfer performance is proportional to the thermal conductivity.

3003 aluminum plate chemical composition:

Aluminum Al: balance silicon Si: 0.6 copper Cu: 0.05--0.2 zinc Zn: 0.10 manganese Mn: 1.0--1.5 iron Fe: 0.7 single: 0.05

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