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5 bar aluminum tread plate uses

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The use of 5 bar aluminum tread plate

The patterned aluminum plates are mainly divided into five rib patterned aluminum plates, pointer patterned aluminum plates, orange peel patterned aluminum plates and bean patterned aluminum plates.

The production process of patterned aluminum plate is embossed on the basis of aluminum plate to achieve beautiful effect. The patterned aluminum plate has anti-skid effect.5 bar aluminum tread plate stock - Decoulife

According to the different patterns, the patterned aluminum plates can be divided into anti-skid aluminum plates and aesthetic aluminum plates. The following sections will explain these two kinds of aluminum plates.

Aesthetic category. Orange peel patterned aluminum plate, diamond shaped patterned aluminum plate, semi spherical patterned aluminum plate, orange peel patterned aluminum plate, pebble patterned aluminum plate, pearl patterned aluminum plate, etc. These aluminum plates have good aesthetic effect. Orange peel patterned aluminum plates are often used in refrigerators and air conditioners due to their good contact area.

Anti slip: The principle of printing patterns on the sole is the same. If certain patterns are pressed on the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate will become an anti slip aluminum plate. The commonly used pattern has five rib pattern aluminum plates, which become willow leaf pattern aluminum plates because of the close look at willow leaves. The pointer pattern aluminum plate is named because of its similar shape and pointer.

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