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About Ceramic tiles

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Tile is a mixture of clay and other natural materials such as sand, quartz and water.They are mainly used in residences,restaurants, offices,shops,etc.,such as bathroom walls and kitchen floor surfaces.They are easy to install, easy to clean,easy to maintain and affordable.Ceramics show good strength and can withstand high temperatures and acidic materials,but are brittle and weak in tension and shear.Applications include floor tiles,pipes,bricks,cookware,tableware,sanitary ware,ceramic products,gas and fire radiators,kiln linings,glass and steel crucibles, blades, vehicle disc brakes, watch cases and biomedical implants.Global ceramic tile demand was valued at approximately USD 72 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 120 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of slightly over 9.0%.In terms of volume, the global ceramic tile market in 2014 was 13 billion square meters.Ceramic-tiles

The demand for tiles is primarily driven by the growing construction and infrastructure industry.Strong growth in the construction industry in emerging economies such as India,China,Brazil,and South Asian countries is expected to drive the ceramic tile market growth in the future.Increased industrialization and urbanization have resulted in growing demand for commercial and residential buildings in emerging economies.Advancements in ceramic tile manufacturing technology and abundant supply of raw materials are also boosting the growth of the ceramic tile market.Floor tiles, wall tiles, etc. are the main product segments in the ceramic tile market.Floor tiles were the largest product category, accounting for more than 50.0% of the total consumption in 2014.Floor tiles are also expected to be the fastest growing product category in terms of volume throughout the forecast period.Wall tiles are the second largest market segment.Other product segments including tabletops,facades,countertops,etc,are also expected to witness significant growth in the coming years.

Tiles are widely used in a host of applications in different industries such as residential replacement, commercial, new homes, others (facades, countertops, etc.).Home replacement was the largest application in 2014, accounting for more than 45% of total consumption. Demand for ceramic tiles for residential replacement has increased owing to its potential as an alternative to paint and other products. New dwellings are also expected to grow rapidly.Asia Pacific was the largest market in 2014, accounting for more than 50% of the total consumption.Europe is the second largest market, followed by Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and North America. China, India, and Brazil are also major drivers for the growth of the global ceramic tile market.Some of the key industry players in the global ceramic tile market,

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