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Advantages of new energy power battery aluminum shell

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In the power battery system of new energy vehicles, the battery shell accounts for about 20-30% of the total weight of the system, and is the main structural part of the battery. For the consideration of light weight, the square power battery shell is generally made of 3003 aluminum plate, which has high material performance requirements, and adopts international standard materials.

3003 aluminum plate has many advantages for new energy power battery shell

1. Good workability. The power battery aluminum shell (except the shell cover) of 3003 aluminum alloy can be drawn andbuy Aluminum Checkered Plate - Decoulife formed at one time. Compared with the stainless steel shell, the welding process of the bottom of the box can be omitted.

2. Light weight. The quality of the battery box has a great influence on the quality of the entire battery module. The density of aluminum alloy is higher than that of traditional stainless steel. In order to reduce the weight, it is an inevitable choice to use 3003 aluminum alloy material to make the battery casing.

3. Good heat transfer. The power battery will generate heat when it works for a long time, and the battery casing needs to have good heat dissipation.

4. Good corrosion resistance. 3003 aluminum plate belongs to aluminum-manganese series alloy. Due to the manganese alloy element, the product has excellent anti-rust properties, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate.

In view of the above advantages, many companies currently use 3003 aluminum plate as the power battery shell material.

With the country's emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction and breakthroughs in aluminum alloy body panel technology, especially the increase in the production of new energy vehicles, the aluminization rate of automobile bodies will gradually increase, and the demand for aluminum for power battery shells will also increase.

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