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Aluminium veneer of Water-based multicoloured painted

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The aluminum veneer substrate is sprayed with different colors of water-based fluorosilicon water-based coatings, forming a kind of architectural decoration materials that can reflect the original stone decoration style, solid aluminum panel for sale - Decoulifeand maintain the various characteristics of aluminum veneer, light and easy to wall and environmental protection and renewable.Compared with the traditional concept of stone and glass curtain wall, it has more textures to choose from, which provides designers with more imagination and choice space.It is mainly used for the exterior wall decoration of high-rise residences, public buildings, etc.

Product features

1. Water-based coating with water as diluent, harmless to human health, for environmental protection coating;

2. Acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance, weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance;

3.Enrich the style of aluminum veneer, provide more choice of space, improve the class of products;

4.Water fluorine silicon spraying aluminum veneer has the three-dimensional decorative style of stone, the effect is realistic;

5.Light weight, good rigidity, high strength, construction is more portable and easy to wall;

6.High recovery rate, reusable, economic and environmental protection.

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