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Aluminum coil, thermal insulation aluminum sheet, patterned aluminum coil, where are the products often used

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Insulation aluminum skin Features

1. Novel structure

2. Light weight, excellent durability; aluminum plate has high elongation, relative elongation is higher than 10%, can withstand high twists and turns without breaking, and has excellent resistance.

3. The decoration is strong, which is different from the structure of other thermal insulation boards at home and abroad. The rigid polyurethane with low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation function is directly bonded to the back of the formed aluminum plate by pouring and foaming.

4. The coating has strong weather resistance, and the thermal insulation surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon polymer resin. The surface of the aluminum plate sprayed with fluorocarbon has strong anti-acid rain, anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet capabilities, which can ensure that the coating will not fade for more than 20 years. , No powdering, no falling.

5. The installation is convenient and the technology is reasonable. The thermal insulation aluminum plate is made on the factory assembly line and directly hung on the enclosure layout at the construction site. It is a new type of advanced exterior material integrating energy-saving decoration, and the construction is convenient and the construction period is short.

6.Save resources. The traditional method of building exterior walls requires a lot of use of cement, sand, water and other materials. The resources are very wasteful, and there is a lot of waste after removal.

Pattern Aluminum Coil Features

The orange peel pattern aluminum coil needs to be lubricated with rolling oil during the rolling deformation process. Since the rolling oil contains additives such as alcohols and esters, its viscosity is high and it is easy to remain on the surface of the aluminum coil, even after annealing or storage. In order to ensure that the patterned aluminum coil has a good appearance, it needs to be cleaned in the finished state.

In order to overcome the problems of low cleaning efficiency and high cleaning cost in the traditional patterned aluminum coil cleaning process, the new cleaning method for patterned aluminum coils is summarized as follows:

1: Put one end of the patterned aluminum coil upwards and vertically into the cleaning device, and the sleeve part of theAluminum Plates for sale - Decoulife other end of the aluminum coil is in contact with the bottom tray.

2: Spray solvent oil from above as a cleaning medium for a cleaning.

3: Extract the residual cleaning medium in the device, and let it stand to drain the solvent oil on the aluminum coil.

4: Replace the cleaning medium with solvent oil with lower viscosity, and spray solvent oil from above for secondary cleaning.

5: Extract the residual cleaning medium in the device again, and let it stand to drain the solvent oil on the aluminum coil.

The patterned aluminum coil is made of rust-proof aluminum alloy and other billets, and is rolled with a special pattern made by bai. Different colors can be obtained by surface treatment. The patterned aluminum coil is flat, the cutting size is accurate, and it is easy to install. It is widely used in wall decoration and stairs and stair treads. Patterned aluminum coils are divided into:

1. Five-rib and aluminum alloy decorative plate: Five-rib and anti-skid aluminum plate are made of willow leaf pattern aluminum coil and aluminum alloy decorative plate. It has good anti-skid performance and is widely used in building (floor) channel planning, etc. Since the patterns on the aluminum plate are arranged in a relatively parallel manner according to the five patterns of high and low, and each pattern is at an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, the pattern has a good anti-slip function. This kind of aluminum plate is generally used as a skateboard in China, which has a good skateboard effect and is cheap.

2. Compass aluminum alloy pattern aluminum coil: Anti-slip aluminum alloy pattern aluminum coil has the same function as the five-bar, but is not often used.

3. Orange peel aluminum alloy pattern aluminum coil is divided into: classic orange peel pattern aluminum coil, variant orange peel pattern aluminum coil (also known as insect pattern). Its appearance is similar to the orange peel pattern, so it is also called orange peel pattern aluminum coil. It is a series of pattern products commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.

Lentil pattern aluminum coil is a common anti-skid aluminum plate with excellent anti-skid effect

5. Spherical aluminum plate, also known as semi-circular spherical aluminum plate, has a small spherical pattern in appearance, like a small pearl, so this aluminum plate can become a pearl pattern aluminum coil. Mainly used for outer packaging. The aluminum plate has a beautiful appearance, and its strength is much higher than other pattern series due to its special pattern.

6.Other aluminum pattern materials: wave pattern material, water corrugated aluminum pattern aluminum coil, corrugated aluminum pattern aluminum coil, can also become aluminum tile), rattan wood grain pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular aluminum pattern aluminum coil, aluminum plate with pattern, cobblestone Aluminum pattern aluminum coil, pattern aluminum coil, aluminum aluminum plate triangle belt pattern, diamond pattern aluminum coil, butterfly aluminum plate, etc.

7.Diamond aluminum alloy pattern aluminum coil: commonly used in packaging tube or outer packaging.

Features of aluminum coil

Aluminum coil is a metal product that is subjected to flying shear after being rolled by a casting and rolling mill and processed by drawing and bending.

The installation of aluminum coils can be done by adhesive installation. During the construction process, it should be noted that the thickness of the glue should be uniform. At the same time, temporary fixing measures should also be taken, and it should not be dismantled prematurely to ensure the safety of construction workers.

The processing of aluminum coils is not completely produced at one time directly according to the drawings, but is directly handed over to the construction party. Instead, after the production of a batch of goods is completed, the construction personnel will install it first, and then the next batch of production and processing will be carried out after the installation is completed. In this way, manufacturers are required not to make too many errors when processing aluminum coils, because a small error during processing will have a great impact on subsequent product construction. Therefore, reliable manufacturers should be selected for the processing of aluminum coils, which not only guarantees the quality of the products, but also ensures the smooth progress of the construction progress.

1. The aluminum coil should be cut according to the outer circumference of the pipe layer plus the lap length of 30 mm, and the lap width is 30 mm;

2. The aluminum skin is formed on the winding machine, and then the circumferential and transverse edge forming is carried out on the edge blanking machine;

3. The protective layer should be close to the layer and integrated with the layer;

4. According to the specified "three-pitch" spacing, fix it laterally with self-tapping screws (or self-tapping rivets) near the blank holder;

5. After using the self-tapping screw, the surface of the insulating aluminum coil is flat and has no unevenness;

6. The protective layer of the aluminum coil is close to the insulating layer, and the lap width meets the specified requirements;

7. The overall appearance is beautiful, the center of the circle is on the same line, and the size is the same;

8. There are edge holders both vertically and horizontally.

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