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Aluminum Curtain Wall Veneer

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Punched Aluminum Veneer

We have all kinds pattern hole plate, which can make the flat plate continue to extend into the sense of space and have the

function of light transmission and ventilation. Different patterns, size and density of the hole changes and collocation make the
surface dynamic, combined with different environment for special-shaped processing, make the line more bright and elegant.
Suitable for all kinds of modern senior clubs, home decoration, office and other public places. Light weight, high rigidity and strength, high processing property Wide color range, outstanding decoration effect, easy for cleaning and maintaining, convenient installation, benefit environmental protection.

Aluminum veneer refers to the building decoration material formed by chrome treatment and fluorocarbon spraying technology.

Fluorocarbon coating mainly refers to polyvinylidene fluoride resin (kanar500), which is divided into primer, finish and varnish.

Products with different thicknesses, widths and lengths can be ordered according to customer requirements. The general dimensions are as follows:



Aluminum Alloy AA1100, 3003, 3014, 5005, 5015, 6063 etc


1200*2400*20mm,1400*3000*20mm,1200*2400*30mm, 1400*3000*30mm

Different size is available, welcome to be customized.


RAL Color, Sample Color Request

Surface Finish

powder coating /P.E coating /PVDF coating/Wood grain coating/stone grain coating

Patterns Selection

Customized Design available, ODM Design


wall cladding, soffit, roof, and canopy, tunnel, column cover or renovation, walkway roof covering,pedestrian overhead bridge roof covering.

Interior application

wall cladding, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony.


It also offers excellent performance on the exterior surfaces of garages, outbuildings and similar applications where good looks are important and durability is critical



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