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Aluminum furniture are applicated in whole house

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 In the decoration of environmental protection more and more attention today, the product is also updated, such as all-aluminum furniture, which is a new product in recent years, a lot of owners in the background to consult, all-aluminum furniture is environmental protection or not.In fact, we have not used, just saw, so today published their understanding of all aluminum furniture, you can do a reference.First, what is all aluminum furniture?In fact, with the whole wood furniture a truth, pure wood is the whole wood;All aluminum is, of course, all aluminum, without doping anything.

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  This is the whole board, without any splicing, directly from the original piece of wood.Generally do a desk, tea table can be used;And we usually use solid wood custom furniture, it is impossible to be a whole board.

  This is the authentic aluminum plate, the whole piece without stitching, can be cut according to the size of processing, your so-called aluminum furniture is to use this material?If so, as long as the thickness can reach more than 5MM, there is absolutely no problem, no matter from the firmness, environmental performance is 100% no problem.In fact, this is the same as the past misunderstanding of stainless steel cabinets, do you think stainless steel cabinets is pure stainless steel?Of course, but almost no one can afford to do, the so-called wooden table bread a few millimeters of stainless steel skin, that is not called stainless steel ambry "stainless steel ambry is really cheap? You are wrong"

  This is a common all-aluminum furniture patchwork, left for the splicing board, right for the large plate, the right is much better, the price is expensive, the use of welding process, as long as the thickness is reached, the color can do a lot of colors, do not use any glue, the price is expensive than any wood-based board, environmental protection is absolutely no problem.Direct splicing installation can be.

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  Good all-aluminum customization, cabinet board is generally seamless welded pure aluminum plate, and the thickness is at least 5mm or more thickness, frame thickness is generally good at about 10mm, otherwise can not support the cabinet, it looks like aluminum, after the late stitching, easy to deformation, and dare not bump, slightly bump is a pit.Full aluminum furniture has an unavoidable thing, the appearance level can not be compared with wood, so the general high-end or slightly required decoration, appearance level is too difficult to match.Therefore, all aluminum furniture to determine is pure aluminum, the thicker the price is higher, the more robust;If there is cheaper than wood-based panel all aluminum furniture or careful choice, a price of a goods, the price is so low one is sample goods, look useless, two is even more pollution.The above is the shallow understanding of all aluminum furniture, pay off the professionals behind the message to correct.


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