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Aluminum plate thermal insulation integrated board

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The traditional thermal insulation materials are mainly based on increasing the gas-phase porosity and reducing the thermal conductivity and conductivity. In order to increase convective heat transfer and radiation heat transfer in the use environment, fiber-based thermal insulation materials must have thicker cladding; while profile-based inorganic thermal insulation materials need to be assembled and constructed, there are many seams, which are detrimental to appearance and waterproof. Poor performance, short service life and other defects. For this reason, people have been seeking and researching a new type of material that can greatly improve the thermal insulation and reflection performance of thermal insulation materials. The construction period is shortened and the construction cost is significantly reduced.

Introduction of aluminum plate insulation integrated board

The aluminum plate thermal insulation integrated board is a combination of thermal insulation and decoration properties. It is a metal composite board produced by industrialized mechanical forming and baking paint methods. The product itself is mainly composed of three layers of materials. Aluminum plate thermal insulation and decoration integrated board, also known as energy-saving decorative aluminum plate, is made of composite processing of decorative layer and thermal insulation layer, and has two functions of energy saving and decoration. The material of the veneer layer is the national standard aluminum plate, and the thickness can be customized according to the different needs of customers and different use environments. The surface color and texture of the product are various: imitation stone surface, imitation wood grain surface, magic color surface, etc. can be used.

Aluminum plate thermal insulation integrated board

The thermal insulation layer can be made of various grade A and grade B thermal insulation materials, which have the advantages of environmental protection, no pollution, fire prevention and heat insulation, sound insulation, convenient construction, and cost reduction.

1.Finishing layer: The national standard aluminum plate is used, and the thickness can be customized according to thealuminum door frame profile cost - Decoulife different needs of customers and different application scenarios. The conventional thickness of aluminum plate is: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm. The color and texture of the surface are various: imitation stone surface, imitation wood grain surface, magic color surface, etc. can be used. The coating has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and can be used for at least 25 years without fading. The environmentally friendly brand paint is selected, which has excellent fire resistance and fully meets the fire protection acceptance standards of the project.

2. Insulation materials: Grade A thermal insulation composite core material (pearl sand thermal insulation board, thermoset composite polystyrene thermal insulation board), etc., B grade thermal insulation composite core material (polystyrene board, phenolic board, extruded plastic board), etc.

Features of aluminum plate thermal insulation integrated board

1. Lightning protection features

For a long time, it has been believed that aluminum veneer is pure aluminum with better electrical conductivity. For this problem, the German company ALUSUISSESINGEN GMBH conducted lightning protection experiments of two materials in a military laboratory in Munich, Germany. The results show that when lightning strikes, the current curtain wall connection method, whether it is aluminum or aluminum veneer, can completely prevent lightning strikes; when lightning strikes a continuous current, the lightning parts of metal plates or metal surfaces are easily melted. Due to the good insulation of the middle polyethylene core, the lightning damage is limited to the skin. From this point of view, the aluminum plate insulation integrated board has good lightning protection performance.

2. Fire resistance

Aluminum veneer doesn't burn, we all know it. The early aluminum-plastic panels were not fireproof, but with the development of aluminum-plastic panel technology, fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels can now be used, because its non-toxic flame-retardant PE fire performance is greatly improved, and it is entirely possible to meet the needs of engineering fires. In addition, the aluminum composite insulation core material also has fire resistance, and the use of A-level fire insulation core material can block the flame more effectively.

Advantages of aluminum plate insulation integrated plate

1. Multifunctional. The integrated aluminum plate has the dual functions of decoration and thermal insulation. Users only need to purchase and install it once, and the thermal insulation and decoration of the building facade can be completely completed.

2. Lightweight. The weight of the aluminum plate integrated plate standard plate can be controlled at 15-35 kg according to the different insulation materials selected by the customer, which meets the requirements of the popularized lightweight building materials. Especially suitable for areas and high-rise buildings that are often subject to severe weather such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

3. High strength. The product adopts high-strength aviation-grade adhesive and special structure and connection point design, so that the performance indicators of the integrated aluminum plate meet the current industry standards.

4. Thermal insulation performance: The heat transfer coefficient of the integrated aluminum plate is low, which meets the design specification requirements of building energy saving of more than 65%.

5. High decorative. The decorative layer of the integrated aluminum plate is mainly fluorocarbon paint. The decorative effect of the baking paint is the same as that of the stone dry hanging, and the service life is the same as that of the building, which meets the requirements of high-end appearance decoration.

6. Easy to install. The aluminum plate integrated plate completes more than ten links of the traditional building facade decoration and thermal insulation system in factory operations. At the construction site, a double fixing system combining a heavy-duty adhesive fixing system and a mechanical load-bearing fixing system is used to fix and install, which belongs to the stick-and-hang process; the other process belongs to the dry-hanging process, which is similar to the traditional dry-hanging stone process. It will not be described in detail here. High quality standards are achieved with simple assembly.

7. High quality. The integrated aluminum plate is factory-produced, which ensures the consistency of product quality and avoids many quality problems caused by non-standard human operation during on-site construction.

8. Low cost. The use of aluminum plate integrated plate can greatly reduce the load of the building, shorten the construction period, reduce the construction cost and save energy.

Building thermal insulation is an important aspect of saving energy, improving living environment and using functions. The development of innovative materials in science and technology makes it more and more convenient, safe, comfortable and energy-saving, and has made outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of buildings.

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