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Aluminum sheets' classification and introduction

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The thickness of the aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet 0.15-2.0mm

Conventional board (aluminum sheet) 2.0-6.0mm

Aluminum plate 6.0-25.0mm

Aluminum plate 25-200mm

Super thick board above 200mm

Aluminum veneer use

It can be used for electronic product shells, home appliance product shells or internal thermal conductive parts, etc.

The finished aluminum shell is stretched and formed by a metal stamping die, surface pretreatment, and coloring are completed in three processes.

Polymer film aluminum plate use

The forming slope is required, not easy to stretch, the material is not easy to be corroded, super weather resistance, diverse material colors, easy to maintain, etc.

Suitable for electronic product shells, home appliance shells, etc.

Aluminum-plastic composite panel use

It is a new type of material that has been surface-treated and coated with baking varnish as the surface, mixed with polyethylene and polypropylene as the core layer, and processed through a series of processes.

It can be applied to the decoration of curtain walls, interior and exterior walls, halls, restaurants, shops, meeting rooms, etc., as well as the reconstruction of old buildings, as counters, furniture surfaces, and interior and exterior walls of vehicles.

Aluminum honeycomb panel use

It adopts a composite honeycomb structure, which is formed by hot-pressing composite forming of a pre-formed box-shaped panel and back plate and an aluminum alloy honeycomb core material.

It is suitable for building curtain wall decoration, ceilings, buses, trains, subways and rail transit vehicles, commercial transport vehicles and container truck bodies, shipbuilding, billboards, and interior decoration projects.

Use aluminum as the decorative shell of the product, with a high stretch surface, the material is generally 0.4-0.8mm thick, grade 6063/6061 or pure aluminum.

Use aluminum as a functional shell, with a bottom stretching and bending structure. The material is generally 0.8-1.2 thickness. Choose the harder grade 5052/7075, or special grades.

When aluminum parts are used on the shells of electronic products, the laser-engraved oxide layer is required to be electrically grounded, because after anodization, the oxide layer does not conduct electricity.

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