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Aluminum profile's knowledge

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The bolts of the cylindrical head of the aluminum profile built-in connector need to pass through the round hole. There is no need to punch holes, and the inner corner pieces and the top wire are connected to the profiles. The connection method is simple, easy to operate, and easy to use. Each profile can be used, but this connection method is to connect the frame and cannot be stuck. It is generally used for shelf frames. . The built-in connector is mainly composed of built-in connecting pins, cylindrical head bolts and elastic nuts.

Steps to explain the built-in connectors of aluminum profiles

1. Built-in connectors for aluminum profiles The built-in connectors can be used for cross or right-angle connection of profiles.

2. The built-in connector of the aluminum profile is then fastened to the elastic nut block through the cylinder head bolt at the other end of the large round hole of the inner connecting pin, thereby forming a complete inner connector. The built-in connectors we usually see are generally built-in connecting pins, which are in the shape of a small whistle with a large round hole in the middle.

3. The aluminum profile has built-in connectors, which are hidden in the profile during installation, and the hole should be processed according to the actual size. According to the connection method of the profiles, choose different corner slot connectors.

To sum up, it is our summary of relevant experience on the problem of built-in connectors of aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profile elastic fastenerwhite aluminum coil factory - Decoulife

There are more than 1,000 types of aluminum products, and there are many aluminum parts, and the connection methods are also different. Industrial aluminum connections include built-in connections and screw connections, angle groove connections, elastic fasteners, and straight connectors. , three-dimensional corner connectors, three-way connectors, three-dimensional right-angle connectors, etc. Today, Xiaobian brings three types of connectors for aluminum frame end faces. The above picture is the physical installation for reference. The installation method of the hexagonal bolt needs to be processed on the profile. The position of the leaking bolt head is called a countersunk hole. The profile connected with the bolt should be tapped on it to facilitate the friction connection between the bolt and the profile. This connection is the strongest.

Experience Summary of Elastic Fasteners for Aluminum Profiles

1. The main models of aluminum profile elastic fasteners are M6*2M8*2M*30; built-in inner joint: there are two types, one is 90 degrees, the other is 180 degrees, according to the profile model and the bolt T head locking direction Decide. If there is something you don't understand, please leave a message to the editor. The above is a brief introduction to using elastic fasteners to install aluminum profile brackets.

2. The elastic fastener connection of aluminum profiles can realize the vertical connection of two profiles or three profiles. The assembly sequence of elastic construction and the installation method of hexagon socket bolts need to process the above profiles. Process frame series: used for automation equipment, assembly lines, Production line (process flow, operation precautions) process Kanban 10*24 single H-shaped aluminum profile, 14*25 double H-shaped aluminum profile (3 thicknesses), 15*30 aluminum profile, 15*60 aluminum profile, 12*35 aluminum profile Profile, 18*52 aluminum profile (lighting aluminum profile) 28*50 aluminum profile (tool rail aluminum profile: 26*26 pattern rail aluminum profile, 28*30 aluminum profile (2 thicknesses) 20*25 aluminum profile, 29*33 aluminum profile industrial aluminum does not need to be welded. There are many ways to connect it. The connection of the elastic coupling can be tightly connected. Compared with the angle link of the elastic coupling, the leakage phenomenon of the accessories cannot be seen. Angled connection, in the case of leakage of accessories, affects the appearance and makes it inconvenient to install the board.

3. Elastic fasteners for aluminum profiles. In the industrial production workshop, we can see many aluminum products, such as material trucks, shelves and assembly lines, etc. The assembly of these frame structures requires different types of aluminum accessories and accessories, and the profiles and accessories are assembled by assembling Together, through different components and connection methods, thousands of different products are formed. Today we will introduce some connection accessories. Angled joint: It is used for the connection of two aluminum profiles at a non-90-degree angle, and different specifications of aluminum profile joints can be selected according to the profile model. Entry hole; quick connector: usually used for 40 series profiles, M8 wire can be connected to the port during use, which is convenient for inserting special dome head bolts; usually used for 30 series profiles, the bolts use M8 thread dome head; built-in joint: The length of the bolt is determined according to the depth of the profile groove.

To sum up, it is our summary of relevant experience on the problem of elastic fasteners for aluminum profiles.

Industrial aluminum profile accessories

Industrial aluminum profile accessories The following is an overview of the functions of commonly used industrial aluminum accessories connectors! Feedback nut block is an industrial aluminum profile fitting, carbon steel galvanized material, blue and white surface, inserted from the end of the profile, can slide at any point in the profile groove, high connection strength, suitable for heavy-duty connection. Steering angle is used to connect two non-perpendicular sections.

Technical description of industrial aluminum profile accessories

1. The advantages of using nut blocks for industrial aluminum profile accessories are: for industrial aluminum frame connection components, the preset nuts need to be embedded in the grooves, so that they are not easy to fall off during installation and use. Because it is connected by bolt and nut anchors for auxiliary support. The anchor joints of the assembly decorative accessories series are mainly used for the anchor support of the profile brackets.

2. Industrial aluminum profile accessories can be shipped at any time. Special connection accessories series This series of connectors are generally used to meet some special connection methods of the frame structure. The in-line connector can realize the linear extension of the connection of two profiles.

3. Industrial aluminum profile accessories, such as corner codes, brackets, connecting blocks, lifting lugs, etc. 3D connectors allow connection of 2 or 3 profiles. The nut block is actually a preset nut, which is a bolt that needs to be fixed in the aluminum profile slot before installing the aluminum profile accessories.

To sum up, it is our summary of relevant experience on the problem of industrial aluminum profile accessories.

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