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Architectural aluminum extrusion profiles

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Choose all aluminum home, from the source of control is more effective than the day after tomorrow remedy! Despite the high housing price, more and more people are buying houses, which is a good choice for both investment and living. Many post-90s are no longer young, with half of them getting married and having children, and more and more people are buying houses. The youth decorates a bridal chamber to pay attention to the effect and the design, to quality and select material is not too attention, but what troubles us most in decorating is not to decorate schedule and design effect, decorate the environmental protection problem after however.Formaldehyde as indoor environment "number one killer" has been everywhere. Alarm bells are ringing. It's time to use this data again to get attention!aluminum door frame profile manufacturers- Decoulife

 About 4 million people die from indoor air pollution each year, including 2.1 million children who die from decoration pollution! In China, 112,000 people die in interior decoration every year, and more than 98.7% of newly decorated families exceed the formaldehyde standard at more than 60%! Every year, more than 2 million people are sick due to formaldehyde pollution, and more than 50% of them are children under 5 years old! More than 90% of pregnant women, children in the new home after the formaldehyde allergy symptoms, cough, asthma, dizziness and so on! The cause of 99% of hospital children with leukemia is caused by long-term absorption of formaldehyde! Odor, and can not judge whether the newly decorated room has pollution!

Formaldehyde because of its invisible and easy to let people numb to ignore, when some simple treatment of formaldehyde method, some people will take it for granted that the room has no taste, it is safe.In fact, taste is not the standard for judging decoration pollution. "Because the release of pollutants requires a certain temperature, such as: formaldehyde release temperature is 19℃, benzene release temperature is 80.1℃.Sometimes there is no smell, maybe because the room temperature is not enough, does not mean that there is no pollution, just not a lot of pollutants released." If you smell the obvious smell in the decorated room, it can be clearly said that the indoor pollution level has been very serious, enough to cause harm to human body. Another point must be made clear that in indoor toxic and harmful gases, some have a smell, such as: "formaldehyde" with pungent smell, "benzene series" with aromatic taste, "ammonia" with urine taste;Some gases, such as TVOC and radon, are odorless.

When various chemicals are mixed together, it is harder to tell, so it is not accurate to tell if there is contamination by smell. Although decorate pollution cannot be controlled completely, but we can reduce indoor pollution to the lowest through a few means. Start at the source -- choose environmentally friendly materials.Whether it is cabinet board or floor paint, it is best to choose environmentally friendly all-aluminum home. It is more effective to curb it from the source than to remedy it the day after tomorrow. Good ventilation must be maintained at all times.Formaldehyde is a continuous volatile pollutant, do not feel that the wind has been through for so long before the occupancy is no problem.

Conducting pollutant detection before decoration.In addition to ventilation, if the economic situation allows, to live in the house safe and at ease, before checking in, must be tested, and then check in, then the new house decoration to avoid formaldehyde harm is an important insurance.It is recommended that professional testing institutions be invited to detect the indoor formaldehyde concentration. If it is too high, it is recommended not to move in for the health of yourself and your family. First, formaldehyde treatment is carried out.

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