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Are aluminum doors good?

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Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum

alloy doors and windows at present. The "bridge" in the name "Broken Bridge Aluminum" refers to the function of heat and cold transfer in material science, and "break" means the verb "break", which is to block the heat and cold transfer process.

Ordinary aluminum alloy door and window profiles are all integrated, and no thermal insulation material is added in the middle. Specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, the heat conduction is better. Once the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, heat transfer will occur, and aluminum alloy can become It is a "bridge" that transfers heat, so the thermal insulation of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows is very poor. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows divide the aluminum alloy profiles into several parts, and connect the broken aluminum alloys into one through the heat insulation strips. We know that the thermal conductivity of plastics is obviously worse than that of metals, so that the heat will be affected when passing through the heat insulation strips. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of the material has been greatly improved.

After explaining what is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, we summarizes the 6 advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows for you.best Aluminum Door Profile - Decoulife

1 Because of the incompleteness of aluminum alloy profiles, it is possible to have two-color inside and outside of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, allowing customers to have more choices.

2 The color of the profile color of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is permanent, while the ordinary colored aluminum doors and windows are only made of any ordinary aluminum material, without professional treatment, and the color you want is painted, and the technical treatment is not produced by aluminum materials. The manufacturer is professional, and the service life will not be too long.

3 The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows combine the environmental protection of wooden windows, the firmness and safety of iron windows and steel windows, and the thermal insulation performance is better than that of plastic steel windows and doors. The wall thickness of aluminum doors and windows profiles for broken bridges must be more than 1.4mm, because the thickness of the wall is related to the assembly technology and the security of the doors and windows. The wall thickness requirements of ordinary aluminum doors and windows are not too strict, generally around 1.0mm.

4 Using the principle of pressure balance to design a structural drainage system, the slope is designed to be stepped down, and the drainage port is set to ensure smooth drainage and good water tightness. The opening fan of the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge is designed with the principle of isobaric cavity waterproofing applied to the high-end curtain wall. The glue injection at the corners of the doors and windows uses imported German guard glue, and the corner forming machinery also adopts the equipment and technology imported from Germany. , easy to achieve 100% watertight.

5. Its structure is carefully designed, the seams are tight, and the air sound insulation can reach 30db or even 40db, which can ensure that the residents within 50 meters on both sides of the expressway are not disturbed by noise, and the adjacent downtown can also ensure that the interior is quiet and warm.

6. The glass used for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows must be hollow tempered glass, and the thickness of a single piece of glass must be more than 5mm, which further improves the sound insulation and heat preservation of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.

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