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Automatic faucet and its advantages

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An automatic faucet or faucet (also known as a hands-free faucet, touchless faucet, electronic faucet, motion-sensing faucet, sensor faucet, or infrared faucet) is a faucet equipped with a proximity sensor and a mechanism that opens the valve to let water flow in in response to the user's hand. presence in the vicinity.The faucet will close the valve again after a few seconds or when it no longer detects the user's hand.

Use touchless faucet

Automatic faucets are common in public restrooms, especially in airports and hotels, where they can reduce the spread of disease-causing microbes.They can also be found in some kitchens and the washrooms of some private homes.Other uses include providing drinking water for pets or livestock, where the animal's presence activates electronic sensor controls that allow water to flow into a watering trough or dish.


The advantage of automatic faucets is that they will automatically shut off after washing hands, thereby reducing water waste.When installed in the home, sensor faucets relieve parents of the need to ensure their children turn off the tap.Their self-closing mechanism also greatly reduces the risk of the sink overflowing due to unintentional or deliberate opening of the faucet.Due to their assistive properties, automatic faucets are often found in assisted living facilities.An automatic faucet is a water saving device that can help save 70% of otherwise unused water and up to 3-5% of standard household water consumption.Other benefits of automatic faucets are inhibiting the spread of bacteria known to grow on faucet handles, as well as helping to prevent or mitigate scalding incidents caused by hot water. 

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