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Carved hollow aluminum plate

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Carved hollow aluminum plate

Carved hollow aluminum plate is a new type of curtain wall material which uses high-quality aluminum alloy plate as the base material, and then is formed by CNC bending technology, and the surface is sprayed with decorative paint. Carved hollow aluminum plate is a category of aluminum veneer decorative materials

It is a flower shape formed on a single-layer aluminum plate through hollowing, carving and other processing processes. Hollowing, as a carving art, requires exquisite and delicate craftsmanship. Designers skillfully integrate this element into modern architectural decoration, bringing us a stylish and personalized Art Deco.

The engraving board can be a flat board that continuously extends into the sense of space, and has the effect of light transmission and ventilation. Different patterns, the size and density of the hole shape change and collocation make the object surface dynamic, combined with different shapes and environments to carry out special-shaped processing, the lines are bright and elegant, breaking through the traditional modeling concept, more suitable for various modern clubs, offices and other occasions. The dynamic fashion family has opened up endless thinking space.

The engraved hollow aluminum plate is a practical and beautiful new decorative form, which makes the flat aluminum veneer beautiful and good-looking, and fully achieves the effect of "decoration"; the engraved hollow aluminum plate is developed in the improvement of sheet metal technology and the development of sheet metal processing tools. up.

Features of carved hollow aluminum plate

1. Atmospheric appearance and exquisite workmanship.best Aluminum Plain Sheets - Decoulife

2. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength; good weather resistance and welding performance;

3. It is easy to clean, maintain, and has excellent anti-pollution performance;

4, a wide range of color choices, good decorative effect. Compared with the traditional aluminum-plastic panel, it has the characteristics of easy on-site processing and less loss, especially the rigidity and strength are much higher than that of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall.

5. The carved hollow aluminum plate is sprayed with fluorocarbon, which is not corroded by ultraviolet rays, humidity, temperature and atmosphere, and will never fade; the plate body is light, the installation structure is simple, and it has good bending strength and excellent wind pressure resistance.

Specifications of carved hollow aluminum plate

Various types of aluminum veneer finished products are produced by bending, arc rolling, welding, assembly, grinding, spraying and other processing methods. The thickness of the product is mainly 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and other specifications. The model is 3003 and the status is H24. The larger size of conventional material is 1220mmx2440mm. The larger size of the formed aluminum veneer can reach 1500x7000mm. The carved hollow aluminum plate can be adjusted in size at will, not simply scaling, but adjusting the design elements according to the customer's size.

Carved hollow aluminum plate use

Carved hollow aluminum plate is widely recommended for use: Carved hollow aluminum plate is a new type of curtain wall decoration material demanded by the consumer market. Arbitrary customization, you can choose ethnic patterns, or you can choose European patterns suitable for modern atmosphere, which can meet various decorative needs. The colors are rich, and the color matching can be customized to create a carved hollow aluminum plate with a perfect personality. The carved hollow aluminum plate is personalized, unique and exquisite, easy to install and easy to maintain. After installation, the space is pleasing to the eye, with a harmonious and artistic atmosphere.

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