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Color Coated Aluminum Sheet Designs for Your Office

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Do you know the installation introduction of color coated aluminum plate? The color coating on the surface of the aluminum plate not only plays a role in beautifying the decoration and eye-catching absorption, but also makes the aluminum plate more anti-skid and wear-resistant. According to the standard of substrate material, it can be divided into 1100 color aluminum plate, 1060 color aluminum plate, 3003 color aluminum plate, 3004 color aluminum plate and other categories. The hardness and strength of aluminum plates of different materials are different; The installation method of aluminum veneer joint is to leave a uniform joint between the boards, and then fill it with foam strips and sealant, which can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration and prevent aluminum veneer from thermal expansion and cold contraction.

Introduction to installation skills of color coated aluminum plate

1. Installation introduction of color coated aluminum plate After adjustment, connect the self drilling self tapping screw with the framework. The color coated aluminum plate has low light absorption and does not reflect light, so the heat insulation effect isColor Coated Aluminum Sheet design - Decoulife very obvious, no light pollution, energy conservation and environmental protection; There are three general installation methods for aluminum veneer:

2. The installation of color coated aluminum plate determines the construction direction, and the main and auxiliary keels (square steel keel) are installed according to the grid size requirements to ensure the flatness of the keel surface. 3. Installation of curtain wall aluminum veneer: pay attention to the installation sequence, from left to right and from top to bottom, insert the left corner code of each panel into the gap between the left aluminum panel and the keel, and fix the right corner code and the working corner code with countersunk tapping screws.

3. Introduction to the installation of color coated aluminum plate. Before gluing, clean the material surface of the glue path with xylene, dry it with a clean white cloth, and volatilize it. Then fill a foam adhesive strip of appropriate size along the glue path (the adhesive strip is to be filled, and will not be deformed) to complete the side pasting of beautiful paper, and inject sealant.

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