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Common aluminum and aluminum alloy grades

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Common aluminum and aluminum alloy grades

The numbers of aluminum and aluminum alloys are mainly divided into eight series. According to the aluminum alloy series, from the lowest strength 1xxx series pure aluminum to the highest strength 7xxx series aluminum zinc alloy.

International grade

(Use four-digit Arabic numerals, which is now commonly used)china Aluminum Profile - Decoulife

1XXX means pure aluminum series with more than 99%, such as 1050

2XXX means aluminum-copper alloy series, such as 2014

3XXX means aluminum-manganese alloy series, such as 3003

4XXX means aluminum-silicon alloy series, such as 4032

5XXX means aluminum-magnesium alloy series, such as 5052

6XXX means aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy series, such as 6063

7XXX means aluminum-zinc alloy series, such as 7001

8XXX indicates an alloy system other than the above

9XXX indicates alternate alloy group

The difference between pure aluminum, refined aluminum, and high-purity aluminum

1. Pure aluminum: metal aluminum whose aluminum content is at least 99.0%, and the content of any other element does not exceed the following specified thresholds: Fe+Si content is not more than 1.0%; other elements (including Cr, Cu, Mg, Mn, Ni , Zn. If the content of chromium and manganese does not exceed 0.05%, the content of copper is allowed to be > 0.10% ~ ≤ 0.20%.), each content is not more than 0.10%.

2. Refined aluminum: pure aluminum with an aluminum content of more than 99.0% is made of metal aluminum with a purity of not less than 99.95% by a special smelting method.

3. High-purity aluminum: The metal aluminum with a purity of not less than 99.999% is produced by using high-quality refined aluminum as raw material and using special smelting methods (such as directional solidification purification method).

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