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Comprehensive knowledge of aluminum alloy profiles

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Comprehensive knowledge of aluminum alloy profiles

Aluminum profiles are aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes obtained by hot melting and extrusion of aluminum rods. The production process of aluminum profiles mainly includes three processes: casting, extrusion and coloring (coloring mainly includes: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, etc.).

Aluminum profiles are divided intochina Aluminum Profile - Decoulife

1. Aluminum alloy building profiles:

Mainly used for aluminum profiles for building doors and windows, curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration and building structures.

2. Industrial aluminum profiles:

Mainly used in rail transportation, aerospace, solar energy, mechanical equipment, ships, military industry, electronic products and other fields,

Such as airplanes, trains, industrial radiators, automobiles, electrical appliances, etc.

Aluminum profiles are divided into

1. Electrophoretic painted aluminum:

The surface of the profile is compounded by anodizing and electrophoretic coating.

2. Anodized aluminum material:

The surface of the profile is anodized, electrolytically colored or organically colored.

3. Fluorocarbon paint sprayed aluminum:

The surface of the profile is coated with polyvinylidene fluoride paint.

4. Powder coating aluminum:

The profile surface is coated with thermosetting organic polymer powder.

5. Wood grain transfer aluminum profile:

The profiles are based on the principle of high temperature sublimation heat penetration,

After heating and pressure, the pattern on the transfer paper or transfer film will be painted,

Quickly transfer and saturate onto already sprayed or electrophoresed materials.

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