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Detailed description of five processes in the manufacturing process of coated aluminum coil

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Detailed description of five processes in the manufacturing process of coated aluminum coil

The aluminum coil manufacturer believes that the coated aluminum coil refers to a product that carries out the actual effect of tone painting on the surface of the aluminum coil, which can also be called color-coated aluminum coil and color aluminum coil. The purpose of carrying out the coating solution is to have a beautiful and practical effect in the engineering construction, interior decoration, home and other industries; the second is that due to the coating process and the thickness of the coating, it is immediately related to the product quality and use of the coated aluminum coil. years.

The coating process is an important process in the production of colored aluminum coils, which immediately affects the finalColor Coated Aluminum Coil china suppliers - Decoulife coating quality and the durability of the product. Therefore, the coating process is very strict. With the gradual improvement of coating machinery and equipment and the comprehensive utilization of new decorative materials, the production of coated aluminum coils has become more complete, and the processing cost is also reduced. Coated aluminum coil has thus obtained a rapid development trend. So what is the actual process of aluminum coil manufacturers?

Generally, there are five processes in the production process of coil coating, namely coil input, cleaning and organic chemical solution, painting, drying and finished product output. There are certain differences in the process layout and machine equipment composition of different conditions, but the basic part is the same.

1. The feeding of raw material coils is the continuous opening of the uncoiler to ensure the continuous and stable feeding of the coils into the production line. Some use a cross-rotating beam type coil carrier, and some use a double set of front, rear, left and right settings to replace the uncoiler. All in all, it is for immediate coil supply;

Second, the surface cleaning and organic chemical solution is to make the left and right surfaces of the aluminum coil clean and tidy, and carry out organic chemical preparatory treatment to ensure that the paint can adhere firmly;

3. It is painting. There are at least two roller coaters on a production line to ensure that the paint and topcoat are double-coated;

Fourth, it is the dry solidification of the paint film, which means that the roll that has just been painted should be fixed before touching the next roll surface to prevent mutual adhesion and damage. Generally speaking, at least two dry solids are included. box;

5. The aluminum coil manufacturer is the output of finished products to ensure that the production line speed is synchronized with the migration of finished products.

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