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Different kinds of Kitchen Cabinet in details

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1.Chevron cabinet

The zigzag cabinet structure is simple and clear, saving space.The chevron cabinet is suitable for designing in a long kitchen.The kitchen is small in width,and also suitable for small families.Its structure is simple.The cooking,cooking and cleaning areas can be placed from left to right or from right to left.It doesn't need to take up too much space

2.L-shaped cabinet Kitchen Cabinet

The overall layout of the L-shaped kitchen is flexible and the space utilization at the corner is relatively high.L-shaped kitchen can make full use of the operating space in the middle zone, and form a triangle area in the process of washing, cutting and frying.The space distribution is reasonable.The ideal working triangle can be obtained by dividing the working area between the two walls connected.L-shaped cabinets are also very suitable for small houses.

3.U-shaped cabinet

U-shaped cabinet has spacious space, obvious layout differentiation and high space utilization rate.U-shaped cupboards are suitable for large apartment types.If U-shaped cupboards are installed in small apartment types,they will be very crowded in space and produce a sense of depression.It can be seen from the shape of the U-shaped cabinet that there is a cabinet in the middle and on both sides. Generally,the middle is mostly a washing area.One side of the two sides will be set up as a kitchen table, that is, an operating table, and the other side is used to put food.The layout is very obvious and the space utilization rate is high.

4.Island cabinet

The island platform not only serves as a part of the cabinet,but also serves as a dining table.The island cabinet is suitable for designing in a large kitchen.The island design makes the kitchen no longer a traditional kitchen,but more like a place for communication and rest, making the cook no longer lonely,and reducing the boredom of work.

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