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Different six main tile types

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When you walk into The Good Guys showroom in Louisville,Texas,the first thing you see is a myriad of floor and tile displays.You may be familiar with the more popular types of tiles,such as porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.But have you come across granite tile or glass tile lately?



3.Glass brick

4.Marble tiles

5.Granite tiles

6.Other natural stone tiles tile types

Ceramic tile

Because it is a contender for a large number of different applications,ceramic tile represents a versatile and popular choice for ceramic tile in home improvement projects.Affordable and durable, making ceramic an ideal choice for any room in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens and front entrances.Glazed tile offers more protection from stains or damage than wood, carpet, or even vinyl plank flooring.Porcelain is a better example of clay tile.Made from a higher proportion of silica and quartz,and baked or fired at higher temperatures,tiles are more durable (and often more expensive) than red clay ceramics.The wide variety of colors and patterns make tiles a chameleon of sorts.Glazed, etched and textured tiles can resemble hardwood planks, expensive marble or industrial bricks. Keep in mind that do-it-yourself projects involving tile installation can present some trouble, as tile is stronger and denser than ceramic and requires specialized tools: Diamond blade wet saw.

Create a subway tile backsplash

Whether you're looking to spice up your kitchen or bathroom, backsplash tile will do the trick, even on a tight budget.Rectangular subway tiles,once part of the New York subway system,have grown in popularity in recent years as the pinnacle brick shape for backsplashes.Subway tiles are easily customized with different lay patterns, providing design dimension to any room.Since they are more neutral in shape and style,subway tiles work well with both sophisticated and minimalist decor.

Glass brick

Gleaming glass tiles are an attractive choice for backsplash or shower tile.Glass tiles have the highest level of stain resistance compared to other tiles,impermeable even to red wine and sour lemon juice.There is one downside, glass blocks are relatively easy to chip and crack if items are dropped on them,so this product is best for your walls.

DIY Idea: Glass Brick Mirror Frame

Imagine gleaming glass tiles surrounding a large mirror in a new bathroom.Bouncing and bouncing light in a naturally lit space is a great way to make a small bathroom look and feel larger!

Marble tiles

Often considered one of the more expensive natural stone tile materials, marble is an elegant and bold choice because it exudes a kind of elegance and opulence that other materials can hardly replicate.Marble has a natural mineral pattern that was formed under tremendous heat and pressure-it holds up well to the heat and stress of everyday life.Perhaps no other type of tile can enhance a space as dramatically as marble tile.Natural stone has incredible depth and contrast, displays dazzling veins of color, and is naturally available in a variety of colors from green, gray, beige, white, black and more.When choosing marble tile or slab, be sure to check the material for any rough areas as these may require additional sealing to prevent staining due to its porosity.

Granite tiles

With its naturally occurring spots and spots, granite is another natural rock tile for countertops and floors.Granite is much harder than marble, so it is less prone to chipping and cracking.Being relatively water-resistant, granite is also a great choice for wet areas or countertops because it won't absorb moisture or stains.Granite usually comes in larger format slabs and is not for the budget-conscious or cost-conscious.

Other Natural Stone Tiles

Marble and granite aren't the only natural stone options available for tile,however.Slate, limestone,travertine,and sandstone are porous materials,so if you're going to use them as a floor in your home,you'll need to seal them regularly to prevent stains or discoloration.Still,these stones are really great choices for some of your other home projects!

Stacked stone brick fireplace facade

Forget about expensive masonry work for a fireplace facelift! Get the look of a stone fireplace without the price point with stacked stone tiles.These rough rocks add texture and interest to the fireplace without being distracting. Another good tile option for a tiled fireplace surround is ceramic tile, as long as they have been certified by the Tile Certification Authority (PTCA) as tempered or heat-safe tiles for use in fireplaces.

Tiles with splashes by the pool

When choosing tiles for your pool surround,be sure to choose tiles with a non-slip, rough or textured finish or sealant.Using natural rock, creating contrasting designs is a breeze-a tile-savvy installer can add a seal to the tile, with patterns and designs that are only visible when wet!

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