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Exterior wall aluminum plate modeling classification

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Exterior wall aluminum plate modeling classification

1. General

1.1 This specification applies to aluminum alloy single-layer panels. Installation of aluminum alloy composite panel curtain walls.

1.2. The curtain wall should conform to the design drawings and the requirements of women's families. The industry standard of the company's craft production.

1.3. According to the requirements of the design drawings, check the dimensions of the walls and holes in the installation part of the curtain wall. If the size of the hole does not meet the requirements of the design drawings, it should be reported to the civil engineering unit in time and corrected in time.

1.4 The aluminum alloy profiles of the curtain wall shall meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T5237. The variety, specification and decorative surface coating of aluminum alloy plate shall meet the contract requirements and relevant regulations.

1.5 All kinds of accessories, hardware and adhesive strips (materials) should meet the relevant standards for women's families, and have a certificate of conformity.

1.6 The weather-resistant adhesive used in the curtain wall must be compatible with the aluminum alloy plate used in the project. The weather-resistant adhesive should be used within the warranty period and have a certificate of conformity. The batch number is the expiry date of the factory. .Quality Control Point)

1.7 Accessories for the curtain wall. Except stainless steel, the connecting parts should be treated with anti-corrosion (the steel parts are treated with hot-dip galvanizing or anti-rust paint, and the thickness of the galvanized layer is not less than 45um).

1.8. Transfer joints must be installed on the embedded parts of the wall. If there is no embedded part on the wall, deal with it according to the design drawings. (The essential)

1.9. Insulation pads shall be installed between the surfaces of the adapter and the vertical frame profiles in contact as required by the design drawings. When not specified in the design drawings, alkali-free glass fiber cloth can be used as an insulating pad.

1.10 During on-site welding, the grounding wire of the electric welding machine shall not be placed on aluminum profiles such as vertical frames. In addition, the aluminum profile protects the aluminum alloy plate and prevents the splashing welding slag from burning out the surface of the aluminum profile and the aluminum alloy plate.

1.11 On-site aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy plates, accessories, etc. should be stored indoors and should be properly classified.

Engineering case: Engineering geology: Sao Paulo, Brazil Area: 5000 square meters Service time: 2015 Material use: Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer.china aluminum profile - Decoulife

Close-up vision aluminum veneer

Hexagonal aluminum veneer side vision

The effect of aluminum veneer after lighting

The overall effect is a honeycomb hexagon

Flat and punched aluminum plate staggered distribution

The hexagonal aluminum veneer is buckled to the walls on both sides

Hexagonal external wall aluminum veneer

Estar Móveis, Sao Paulo, Brazil This store is located on the corner of the street. The store reflects elements of the era and the humble language of the film and seeks a new aesthetic language in its products and architecture. The main façade of the building adopts a metal structure, forming an open façade that is very conspicuous. The façade adopts a hexagonal honeycomb shape, which allows the face and curves to be well integrated. The facade is partly opaque and partly transparent. The stone walls and lighting systems inside the building are directly exposed, providing a more flexible space for product display.

Aluminum veneer for building decoration can be direct aluminum veneer, curved aluminum veneer, shaped aluminum veneer, special-shaped plate and other products. They can be produced according to the design needs, and the product structure can guarantee the actual use needs. The designer can eradicate the subdivision drawings of the building structure, because a structural main body must liberate the entire structure, and the structure of each product must be subdivided, produced according to the aluminum veneer structure, and then installed to meet the requirements of the building structure modeling.

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