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For the consideration of light weight and processability - 3003 aluminum plate is the best choice for battery case

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For the consideration of light weight and processability - 3003 aluminum plate is the best choice for battery case

New energy vehicles use batteries as a power source, which is restricted by battery weight, cruising range, and the high pressure of vehicle energy-saving and emission reduction policies. In vehicle design and material application, the lightweight of the vehicle body has become the first issue to be considered by car companies.

As the carrier of the battery module, the power battery shell plays an important role in the stable operation and safety protection of the battery module. The lightweight power battery shell is generally made of 3003 aluminum plate, which is formed after many times of punching. 3003 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-manganese series alloy, which has excellent processability, high temperature corrosion resistance, good heat transfer and electrical conductivity, and has the advantages of easy overall drawing and forming of the aluminum shell of the power battery. It has been adopted by many car companies.

The use of 3003 aluminum plate as battery shell material meets the following requirementsAluminum Plates for sale - Decoulife

1. Good deep drawing performance. The power battery shell is punched for many times, and the deformation is large. The 3003 aluminum plate has good punching new energy and stable mechanical properties.

2. Sufficient strength and hardness. In order to effectively protect the internal battery structure, the battery shell material also needs to have sufficient strength and hardness on the premise of ensuring high plasticity.

Good corrosion resistance and chemical stability. 3003 aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust aluminum plate, which can adapt to different environments, has good corrosion resistance, and has the characteristics of long service life as a battery shell material.

For the consideration of light weight and processability, it is an inevitable choice to use 3003 aluminum plate to make the battery case

New energy electric vehicles require a large number of lithium battery combination modules. Each module is composed of several battery boxes. In this way, the mass of each battery box has a great impact on the quality of the entire battery module. In order to reduce the battery quality, It is an inevitable choice to use aluminum alloy materials to make battery casings. With the outbreak of new energy vehicles, the demand for power battery shell material 3003 aluminum plate will increase.

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