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Four factors that lead to the poor quality of color-coated aluminum coils

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Roller coating is an important process in all aluminum alloy sheet waterproofing coil coating production lines. The quality of sprayed products, especially the quality of conductivity, directly endangers the actual effect of the decorative design of goods. Therefore, in the entire spraying process, we must first grasp the four key points that easily lead to poor quality of color-coated aluminum coils. Let's learn about the following small braids:

1. Raw materials

Architectural coatings and color-coated aluminum coils are the elements that are the most harmful to the spraying quality in the entire spraying process. Due to the color deviation of architectural coatings batch numbers, due to insufficient particle size of architectural coatings, the coating rate is not high, and architectural coatings and organic solvents. The poor coordination and layering of the coating will immediately endanger the actual spraying effect, resulting in dents, uneven aluminum coils, uneven film thickness, and poor edge tensile strain, which will also immediately endanger product quality and overall application. Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be strictly controlled.Painted Aluminum Coil design-Decoulife

2. Processing technology

The coating technology is closely related to the spraying quality. It is stipulated that the relative line speed ratio of spraying roller, paint roller, metering roller and plate should be controlled within a certain range. According to different management systems and the thickness of the paint film of the sprayed items, a certain viscosity range should be set for architectural coatings to ensure the smooth progress of spraying and promote the improvement of product quality. The drying and curing process of architectural coatings and the operation of the drying oven must be carried out according to the requirements and must not be changed at will, otherwise it will seriously harm the sprayed products.

3. Natural environment

It is stipulated that the interior of the spraying room should be clean and tidy to ensure anti-fouling, anti-moth and certain natural ventilation characteristics to ensure that the performance of the spraying process is not polluted by the environment. In addition, machining process standards change immediately due to changes in average temperature.

4. Mechanical equipment

The spraying production line stipulates that the mechanical equipment is well manufactured, the mechanical equipment runs smoothly, there is no horizontal and vertical vibration, and the spraying roller is finely ground. All rollers of the coating computer mounter vibrate horizontally. Be sure to operate within the allowable range, otherwise the coating process performance will be seriously compromised.

The above are the important factors that easily lead to the poor quality of color-coated aluminum coils. However, the operator's mastery of the technique and the standardization of the actual operation are important factors in obtaining the actual results of high-quality spraying. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the learning and training of operators, so that operators can master the basic principles and key points of spraying technology, improve their own obligations, and carry out practical operations in strict accordance with safe operating procedures to ensure the high quality of spraying products. These elements touch and influence each other. Sometimes, the cause of the defect is related to various factors. It is necessary to deeply analyze the actual problems and solve them in many aspects.

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