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Galvalume Coil Uses & Applications

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Galvalume Coil Uses & Applications

The surface of the galvanized steel sheet has a unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star flower, and the base color is silver white. The special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of the galvanized sheet can reach 25a, the heat resistance is very good, and it can be used in a high temperature environment of 315 ° C; the adhesion between the coating and the paint film is good, and it has good processing performance, which can be punched, sheared, welded, etc.; The surface conductivity is very good. The advantages are as follows:

1. Corrosion resistance: Galvanized sheet has strong corrosion resistance, and its normal service life can reach 25 years, which is 3-6 times longer than that of galvanized sheet, which is suitable for stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of galvanized sheet comes from the barrier protection function of aluminum and the dedicated protection function of zinc. When zinc is dedicated to maintenance on trims, scratches and coating scratches, aluminum forms an insoluble oxide layer that acts as a barrier. Aluminum-zinc alloy steel coils have been exposed to outdoor exposure tests for more than 20 years in a variety of different atmospheric environments. It has proved that the edge protection function of 55% aluminum-zinc plated steel plate is better than that of galvanized steel plate and 5% aluminum-zinc plated steel plate. better.Galvalume price - Decoulife

2. Heat resistance: The galvanized sheet has a high thermal reflectivity and is suitable as a roof material. The galvanized steel sheet itself has excellent heat resistance and can be used in a high temperature environment up to 315 degrees.

3. Repaintability: (paint film adhesion) The galvanized sheet can maintain excellent adhesion with the paint film, and it can be directly painted or powdered without special pretreatment.

4. Corrosion resistance after coating: After the galvanized sheet itself is partially coated and baked, the corrosion resistance of the non-sprayed part is very little. The function is much better than electroplating color galvanized sheet, electrogalvanized sheet and hot-dip galvanized sheet.

5. Machinability: (shearing, stamping, spot welding, seam welding) galvanized steel plate has excellent processing function, can be punched, sheared, welded, etc., and the coating has good adhesion and impact resistance.

6. Conductivity: The surface of the galvanized sheet is specially treated with wax, which can meet the needs of electromagnetic shielding.


Construction: roofs, walls, garages, soundproof walls, pipes and modular houses, etc.;

Automobile: muffler, exhaust pipe, wiper accessories, fuel tank, truck box, etc.;

Home appliances: refrigerator back panel, gas stove, air conditioner, electronic microwave oven, LCD frame, CRT explosion-proof belt, LED backlight, electrical cabinet, etc.;

Agricultural use: pig houses, chicken houses, granaries, greenhouse pipes, etc.;

Others: thermal insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater, etc.

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