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How to avoid breakage during aluminum sheet processing?

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How to avoid breakage during aluminum sheet processing?

In the process of aluminum plate processing, the aluminum plate is often broken due to bending, especially the explosion of anodized after bending, which confuses many aluminum plate processing enterprises, so how to avoid such a problem, let's analyze it together. In fact, the main reasons for the fracture of aluminum plate processing are as follows. If we pay attention to the following problems during processing, the occurrence of fracture will be greatly reduced.

1. The hardness of the aluminum plate is too high. Usually, the harder the object is, the easier it is to be broken by external force,Aluminum Coated Sheet design - Decoulife and the same is true for aluminum plates, so we must choose aluminum plates when choosing aluminum plates, and choose those products that are easier to bend according to the grade and state of the aluminum plate, such as the 1 series in the aluminum plate. , 3 series and 5 series products are easier to bend, while 6 series and 7 series products need to be annealed to O state before they can be bent due to their high hardness.

2. The thickness of the aluminum plate. The thicker the aluminum plate, the harder it is to bend, just like other materials, so when we choose, we can consider choosing a thin aluminum plate to process the product to avoid breakage.

3. Bending angle and aluminum plate texture. No matter the larger the bending angle of any item, the higher the success rate, so when we process the aluminum plate, the bending angle should be as large as possible, and then the aluminum plate texture, the bending direction should be perpendicular to the direction of the aluminum plate texture, not parallel.

In the process of aluminum plate processing, if we can avoid the above problems, the bending and breaking of aluminum plates will be greatly reduced, and the problem will be better solved.

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