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How To Choose The Right Colors For Aluminum Coil

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How To Choose The Right Colors For Aluminum Coil

The color of the color-coated aluminum coil is usually toned according to Ral or PANTONE color card (PANTONE), and the paint is usually fluorocarbon or polyester paint, which is produced by the international advanced roller coating process, which can ensure that the surface of the color-coated aluminum coil is dust-free. Particles, no chromatic aberration in color.

Color coated aluminum coil paint

1. Acrylic: The hardness of the paint film is high, but the flexibility is poor (T-bend); it is suitable for non-processed parts and coatings with high hardness indicators, such as automotive paint. At present, our sheet aluminum foil (within 0.04) is in use;Painted Aluminum Coil stock - Decoulife

2. Polyester: The hardness of the paint film is worse than that of acrylic, but it has good flexibility and processability (good T-bend and good processing performance); at present, coiled steel and coiled aluminum systems are commonly used;

3. Polyurethane: The paint film has good toughness, good adhesion and wear resistance, but it is easy to yellow and chalk; it is generally used in the leather industry and furniture industry, and the aluminum coil system is generally used for primers (our fluorocarbon primers);

4. Epoxy: good adhesion of paint film, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but high brittleness (T-bend); widely used in floor paint and anti-corrosion industries, and aluminum coil system is generally used for back paint (polyurethane foam, viscose, etc.);

5. Fluorocarbon: The paint film has excellent corrosion resistance, long weather resistance and strong adhesion, but the paint film is soft; it is widely used in the field of ultra-weather resistance, and the rolled aluminum system generally uses 2 fluorine (PVDF) and 3 fluorine ( FEVE) mostly.

Color aluminum is widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, honeycomb panels, thermal insulation panels, aluminum curtain walls, shutters, rolling shutters, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing systems, aluminum Ceilings, household appliances, downspouts, aluminum cans and many other fields.

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