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How to prolong the service life of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer?

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Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is the best-selling aluminum veneer curtain wall. Wide range of use, strong plasticity, and high appearance are one of the reasons for his popularity. So how should fluorocarbon aluminum veneer be maintained daily? ? The editor has done the following sorting, hoping to help everyone. 

In order to prolong the service life of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, the classification and measures of possible corrosion phenomena of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer are summarized as follows:

1. Cleaning method. When cleaning the appearance of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, pay attention to avoid scratching the appearance, prevent the use ofCarved Aluminum Veneer china company - Decoulife bleaching ingredients and abrasive cleaners, steel balls, abrasive tools, etc. To remove the cleaner, rinse the exterior with clean water after cleaning.

2. Dust treatment. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can be washed with weak soap detergent, adhesive ingredients, alcohol or organic solvent to easily remove dust.

3. Grease. For smooth oil stains on the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, please clean it with a soft cloth, neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent.

4. Acid corrosion. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has bleach and various acids. Immediately rinse with water, then soak with ammonia or neutral sodium carbonate solution, then wash with neutral detergent or warm water.

5. Appearance rainbow pattern. The surface of the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has rainbow lines. This is caused by overuse of lotion or oil. Can be washed with warm water-based detergent.

6. Attach rust. The rust caused by the dirt on the surface of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent or special detergent.

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