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In the alloy state of aluminum, what does H14/16/18 of the H series mean?

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What does H series means?

Alloy state: F-manufactured original alloy state; O-annealed state; H-cold work hardened state, T-hardened state by heat treatmentcheckered aluminum sheets factory - decoulife

Among them, the F and O states are no longer subdivided, while the H and T states need to be subdivided;

H state subdivision, followed by 2-3 digits;

The first digit is 1, 2, 3, indicating the main way to obtain the product.

H1-cold hardening state; H2- quenching and tempering treatment after cold working hardening; H3-stabilizing treatment after cold working hardening.

The second digit indicates the hardness level of the material: the number 8-has a high hardness level, called the hard state, the number 4- the tensile strength value is equivalent to the intermediate value between the annealed state O and the hard state, called 1/2 In the hard state, the number 2-tensile strength value is equivalent to the intermediate value between the annealed state O and the 1/2 hard state, which is called the 1/4 hard state, and the number 6-tensile strength value is equivalent to the hard state and 1/2 The intermediate value between the hard states is called 3/4 hard state.

The third digit: For painted products, corrugated boards, checkered plates, flattened, straightened or products with special requirements, etc., add the third digit to the status code. H112 is in the flat, straightened or original manufacturing state Annealed products.

The first digit in the aluminum alloy grade indicates the group alloy system of the aluminum alloy, the second digit is 0 to indicate the original alloy, and the number 1-9 indicates the number of times the alloy has been changed.The third and fourth digits have no special meaning.

The introduction of other type of aluminum

Aluminum models: 1100; 2011; 3003; 4 a01 and so on.

1, 1100: for processing needs to have good formability and high corrosion resistance, but does not require high strength parts. Such as storage containers, sheet processing, deep drawn concave vessels, heat exchangers, printing plates, nameplates, reflective appliances, etc.

2, 2011: fast cutting alloy, good machinability and high strength, but poor corrosion resistance, suitable for volume shaft, optical components, screw heads, screws and machining products requiring good cutting performance.

3, 3003: has the performance of 1XXX series alloy and has higher strength than 1XXXX series alloy, such as kitchenware, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, transport liquid products, tanks, as well as various pressure vessels and pipelines for sheet metal processing.

4, 4A01: high silicon content, heat resistance, wear resistance, construction materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials.

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