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Light steel keel aluminum plate ceiling

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Light steel keel aluminum plate ceiling

Light steel keel aluminum plate ceiling is an emerging decorative material in recent years. It has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, fire prevention and sound insulation, and is widely used in hotels, restaurants and offices. But with the rapid development of the construction industry, its application is also increasingly widespread. Due to many problems in the construction process of the light steel keel aluminum plate ceiling, many users are discouraged from it. This article gives a detailed introduction on how to do the installation and acceptance of light steel keel:

1. Light steel keel installation:

1) When fixing the frame, it must be fixed according to the spacing required by the design, and the connection must be firm and reliable.

2) The installation of the hanger shall be carried out according to the position required by the design.buy Cold Rolled Steel Plates - Decoulife

3) The connection between the boom and the hanger should be connected by welding or expansion bolts; when expansion bolts are used, anti-loosening measures (such as rubber pads, etc.) should be taken, and the screw should not be rotated after the nut is tightened;

4)The hanging parts installed on the keel should meet the design requirements and construction specifications;

5)The joints of the keel must be staggered and set in the same plane;

6)The installed frame should be adjusted for levelness and flatness under the control of the top elevation of the structure until it is qualified.

2. Acceptance criteria:

1) Check whether the specifications and models of the main and auxiliary keels meet the requirements;

2) Whether the main and auxiliary keels are correctly fixed on the column of the main structure according to the design position;

3)Check whether the spacing of the main and auxiliary keels meets the requirements of the design and specifications;

4)Check whether the quantity and quality of all metal hangers meet the design and specification requirements;

5)Check whether the quantity and quality of all embedded iron parts meet the requirements of the design and specifications.

3. Matters needing attention:

1)It is strictly forbidden to use wooden wedges and cement plugging methods to strengthen the temporary fixing method of light steel skeleton during the installation process;

2) Before treating the surface of the wall, the debris in the wall should be cleaned up;

3)For the walls that need to be painted, wait for the paint to dry before painting with waterproof paint or pasting decorative materials such as tiles.

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