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Luminum honeycomb panel's advantage and disadvantage

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Advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel

1. The surface of the board is uniform in color, smooth and scratch resistant. Because the surface of the aluminum plate is coated with continuous roller coating technology, and it is completed at one time, the surface of the aluminum plate has a uniform and smooth color. Compared with other coated plates, the surface is treated with a fluorocarbon resin with strong corrosion resistance. Because of this, aluminum honeycomb panels are obviously more advantageous in terms of corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.Aluminum honeycomb sandwich board price - Decoulife

2. Variety of colors and elegant decoration effect. Aluminum honeycomb panels are not only diverse in coatings but also in various colors. The coatings are fluorocarbon spraying, polyester spraying, etc., and the color selection can be processed into more colors on the basis of pure colors, such as metallic colors, imitation wood grain, The stone grain and other colors are more luxurious and beautiful in shape, which caters to the various personal preferences of the public.

3. Good effects of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention and heat preservation. Since the honeycombs in the honeycomb core are individually closed, the circulation of air is blocked, so that sound waves and heat are effectively blocked, so that the sound propagation and thermal conductivity of the board are greatly reduced, and the effects of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation are achieved. Moreover, the aluminum plate is a non-combustible material, so it can be fireproof.

4. Environmental protection, energy saving and convenient installation. Aluminum honeycomb panel is not all aluminum structure, absolutely green quality, high rigidity but light weight, high cost performance, relatively low cost, durable, absolutely energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of aluminum honeycomb panel

There are many advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel, of course, it also has advantages and disadvantages, such as high price, poor plasticity, and many plate types that cannot be processed.

On the whole, the decoration and practicality of aluminum honeycomb panels are still very strong. Aluminum honeycomb panels were originally used in aviation and aerospace fields. Due to its various advantages, it has gradually been used in civil buildings and car window decorations. In addition, you can also use high-end KTV, bars, clubs, administrative buildings, supermarkets, window sills, porches, desktop decorations, etc.

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