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  • What are the implementation standards for aluminum profiles?

    As a large modern industrial manufacturing country, made in China is already a label that can be seen all over the world. Then product quality control is particularly important, so products of different categories have different implementation standards.

  • Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows knowledge

    People are paying more and more attention to balcony space, and the functional requirements of balcony windows are getting higher and higher. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use thermally insulated broken bridge aluminum profiles and hollow glass, which have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, and waterproof.

  • What is application of aluminum products?

    Aluminum products are made of aluminum alloy as the main raw materials for daily necessities, industrial supplies. Aluminum alloy is based on aluminum alloy general term. The main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc and manganese, while the secondary alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium and lithium, etc.

  • What are the advantages of alloy aluminum plate being widely used?

    Aluminum alloy aluminum sheet is widely used in people's daily life, such as home decoration, home furniture placement, daily necessities, etc.

  • The development of the aluminum industry will improve in the long term

    In the first three quarters of this year, my country’s aluminum production has generally maintained a steady growth.

  • In the alloy state of aluminum, what does H14/16/18 of the H series mean?

    The first digit in the aluminum alloy grade indicates the group alloy system of the aluminum alloy, the second digit is 0 to indicate the original alloy, and the number 1-9 indicates the number of times the alloy has been changed.The third and fourth digits have no special meaning.

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