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  • How to judge the pros and cons of bridge aluminum profiles?

    Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is the fifth generation of new thermal insulation and energy-saving doors and windows after wooden windows.

  • What are the broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows?

    What kind of window is the broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum alloy door and window? Why can it become the mainstream of the door and window market The term "Broken Bridge Insulation" is often heard by many consumers, but not many people really understand it.

  • Why do you need to do aluminum coil cleaning?

    During the cold rolling process of the aluminum coil, due to the friction and rolling between the roll and the surface of the aluminum plate, the surface will produce fine alumina powder falling off and adsorption.

  • What are the materials of aluminum plate

    Aluminum plate is divided into cold rolled and hot rolled, and also divided into thin plate and medium plate. Aluminum plate has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

  • How about the honeycomb aluminum panel, where is it suitable for?

    Honeycomb aluminum panel is one of the new materialsIt is very common in decoration materials, and the probability of use is relatively high.

  • Four ways of surface treatment of 1060 aluminum plate

    1060 aluminum plate surface color tone solution: In order to better production and manufacturing, we often carry out color tone solution on the surface layer of aluminum alloy plate.

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