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  • Porcelain tiles Vs Ceramic tiles

    IntroductionCeramic or ceramic tile can create elegant and versatile surfaces. These tiles can be found on kitchen and bathroom floors, walls and backsplashes. The popular tiles are available in a variety of colors and designs to match or create the decor of your room. Before picking the best style

  • About Ceramic tiles

    Tile is a mixture of clay and other natural materials such as sand, quartz and water. They are mainly used in residences, restaurants, offices, shops, etc., such as bathroom walls and kitchen floor surfaces. They are easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain and affordable. Ceramics show good

  • Different six main tile types

    When you walk into The Good Guys showroom in Louisville, Texas, the first thing you see is a myriad of floor and tile displays. You may be familiar with the more popular types of tiles, such as porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. But have you come across granite tile or glass tile lately?1. Tiles2. T

  • Sanitary ware for different purposes

    Sanitary ware mainly consists of sanitary ceramics and its accessories. Sanitary ceramics are glazed ceramic products used as sanitary facilities, including various toilets, water tanks, washbasins, body purifiers, sinks, etc. Water tank fittings and faucets are used together with sanitary ceramics.

  • Different kinds of Kitchen Cabinet in details

    1、 Chevron cabinet The zigzag cabinet structure is simple and clear, saving space. The chevron cabinet is suitable for designing in a long kitchen. The kitchen is small in width, and also suitable for small families. Its structure is simple. The cooking, cooking and cleaning areas can be placed from

  • Uses and applications of Aluminum coils

    Aluminum coils are widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc. What are the uses of aluminum coils? What are the categories of aluminum coils? I believe that you are interested in the classification of the use of aluminum coils. According to the different metal elements cont

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