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  • Four factors that lead to the poor quality of color-coated aluminum coils

    Roller coating is an important process in all aluminum alloy sheet waterproofing coil coating production lines. The quality of sprayed products, especially the quality of conductivity, directly endangers the actual effect of the decorative design of goods.

  • The service life of color-coated steel rolls

    Pay attention to the following points when using color-coated steel rolls to prevent damage to the color-coated rolls and reduce service life. 1. When loading and unloading, rubber pads should be added to the contact between the crane and the color-coated coil to prevent scratches and paint peeling off. 2. When the color-coated roll needs to be cut longitudinally, lay a rubber mat on the equipment floor that is in contact with the color-coated board. After cutting, the metal shavings should be removed immediately to prevent the coating on the surface of the pre-painted plate from being scratched.

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