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buy 4x8 aluminum sheet

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  • 5 bar aluminum tread plate uses

    The patterned aluminum plates are mainly divided into five rib patterned aluminum plates, pointer patterned aluminum plates, orange peel patterned aluminum plates and bean patterned aluminum plates.

  • What Is The Difference Between Pre-Painted Aluminum Sheets & Other Types Of Aluminum

    After the light aluminum coil is cleaned, chromed, rolled, baked, etc., the surface of the aluminum coil is coated with various colors of paint, which is also a color-coated aluminum coil.

  • The things you must know about aluminum sheet

    In the aluminum sheet drawing process, the process flow is mainly divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill, and water washing.

  • What is brushed aluminum sheet?

    Brushed aluminum sheet metal wire drawing is a manufacturing process that repeatedly uses sandpaper to scrape the aluminum sheet out of the line.

  • Focus on customs AEO system training

    Yuanfar International held training of customs AEO system the head office on Mar.11, 2021. For this training, Yuanfar international invited Mr. Yang Ke, Section Chief of the Enterprise Management and Inspection Office of Xi’an Customs to give lectures to all employees. The lectures included understanding of the AEO system, interpretation of customs certification enterprise standards, interpretation of financial indicators, and preparation for enterprise certification. All employees of Yuanfar International participated in this training.