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china Aluminum Plain Coils

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  • The process of painting aluminum

    It works by pre-treating aluminium coils before roll coating. First, clean the layer of lubricating oil, anti-oxidation grease.

  • Painting aluminum process

    The formed aluminum coil passes through the painting room and is painted with the paint of the color specified by the customer.

  • An effective method for removing stains on the surface of aluminum coils

    In order to reduce the sliding friction between the CNC blade and the material, emulsified oil is used in the production process of the aluminum coil, so many products will leave some oil stains on the surface after processing, and these oil stains cannot be wiped off with a rag.

  • Aluminum coil anti-corrosion work must be done in place

    There is a coating on the surface of the aluminum coil, and the coating plays an important role in "anti-corrosion". Let's talk about how the anti-corrosion work of aluminum coils is done? Brushing: Brushing can use a variety of coatings, as long as it is not a coating with poor leveling.

  • Two factors that cause the color difference of products after annealing of aluminum coils

    The main reasons for the color difference after annealing of aluminum coils are: First there is oil; The second annealing time is too long How to reduce quality problems during annealing and continue to disturb most production and processing manufacturers.

  • Aluminum coil transportation precautions

    Consumed aluminum coilsare generally placed horizontally during storage and transportation, and the consumption efficiency of an aluminum coil storage rack is in the original aluminum processing industry.

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