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Porcelain tiles Vs Ceramic tiles

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Ceramic or ceramic tile can create elegant and versatile surfaces.These tiles can be found on kitchen and bathroom floors,walls and backsplashes.The popular tiles are available in a variety of colors and designs to match or create the decor of your room.Before picking the best style for you,it's important to know the difference between ceramic tile and ceramic tile.

Tile difference Porcelain tiles

Tiles and porcelain tiles are similar in many ways.You can't always tell the difference between installed products by taking a quick look at them.Both types of tiles are clay and kiln fired, but porcelain is technically a special type of ceramic.The clay used to make porcelain is denser and fires at higher temperatures for longer than ceramics.Differences in composition and production methods create tile types with unique characteristics.Each has its own pros and cons when it comes to tile vs tile decisions.The packaging will indicate whether the new tile is porcelain or ceramic.For loose or installed tile, there are a few rules of thumb that can help you determine whether it's ceramic or porcelain.The tiles have the same color throughout the material.A broken or chipped piece of unglazed porcelain is uniform in color throughout its thickness.Tiles usually have glaze coloring,so pieces may show a different color underneath.Porcelain has a smoother surface than ceramic.Flip over a loose tile.The unglazed surface of the tile will feel rough.Fine-grained china will be smooth to the touch.

Tiles are not as dense as porcelain and are therefore slightly lighter in comparison.

Benefits of porcelain

Tiles have several important properties.

  • Durability:The density of ceramic tiles makes them more durable than ceramic tiles while being less prone to wear and tear. This sometimes makes it more suitable for business use as well as home use.

  • Water resistance:Ceramic tiles are almost impervious to water compared to ceramic tiles.According to ASTM standards, porcelain must have a water absorption of 0.5% or less.Ceramic tiles have more pores and tend to have higher water absorption.

  • Composition:Due to the uniform color of the unglazed tile material,small chips may not be as noticeable as on one tile.

Benefits of ceramic

  • Wide range of uses:tile finishes range from simple to ornate, from classic to contemporary.

  • Cost:Differences in composition and preparation mean tile can be less expensive than tile.

  • EASY TO CUT:Tiles are easier to cut and more suitable for home DIY projects.

  • Flexibility:Some experts have found that tiles are more flexible if you want subtler, more intricate and dramatic designs in places like backsplashes.In addition,glazed tiles can be customized with more colors and patterns.

  • Texture:Certain tiles have a textured surface that adds visual depth and dimension.You will often find tiles with corrugated, wavy or raised shapes.

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