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Roll of Aluminum Coil - How To Make It Types, Uses And Benefits Of Corrugated Steel

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Roll of Aluminum Coil - How To Make It Types, Uses And Benefits Of Corrugated Steel

Corrugated steel is a very strong and durable steel that is now used in construction sites as a substitute for structural defects in concrete. Corrugated steel has many advantages, such as: very durable, shortened construction time, green and environmental protection. It is used in a variety of environments, and corrugated steel is currently used in rural fields, urban buildings, oceans, etc. Moreover, corrugated steel has a long service life, which greatly saves the maintenance cycle of the building, which not only saves money, but also benefits the environment.

Types of corrugated steel components

Three main structural forms in use in my country: a. Large-scale highway culverts spliced with corrugated steel plates (span more than 4m) b. Annular corrugated pipe c. Spiral corrugated pipe

Second, the production process of corrugated steelPrime hot rolled steel coils china suppliers - Decoulife

The metal corrugated pipe is made of hot-rolled steel plate (coiled plate) into corrugated plate and then rolled or assembled. The general thickness is 1.6-8mm. The steel mainly includes Q235 (SS400), Q345, etc. At present, the common processing methods in China There are two kinds of rolling forming methods for rolling and molding, one is to form a circle first and then to corrugate; the other is to first form a steel plate into a corrugated tile shape and then join it into a corrugated tube. The first method is limited by the size of the tube blank and transportation conditions, and its diameter cannot be too large. The tube diameter is generally 0.5-2.5 meters, and the length of each section is about 3 meters.

The corrugated pipe is made by pressing the hot-rolled steel plate into corrugations, which can increase the stiffness of the pipe section and the resistance to the axial pressure of the pipe. The hot-dip galvanizing process and the asphalt spraying on the construction site are used before leaving the factory. The double-layer anti-corrosion treatment ensures the service life. Culverts built with such pipe sections are called steel corrugated pipe culverts.

Production process

Self-contained type: coiling - shearing - drum - welding - rolling wave - welding flange - punching (drilling) - hot-dip galvanizing - assembly - asphalt anti-corrosion - backfill construction

Assembly type: coiling - shearing processing - cold bending forming - arcing - punching - hot dip galvanizing - assembly - asphalt anti-corrosion - backfill construction

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