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Sanitary ware for different purposes

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Sanitary ware mainly consists of sanitary ceramics and its accessories.Sanitary ceramics are glazed ceramic products used as sanitary facilities,including various toilets, water tanks, washbasins, body purifiers, sinks, etc.Water tank fittings and faucets are used together with sanitary ceramics.In recent years,the material of sanitary ware has also undergone essential changes, from a single ceramic product in the past to a diversified situation in which stainless steel, glass, aluminum alloy, cast iron and acrylic materials coexist.

1.Washbasin Sanitary ware

Although the washbasin is small, it is used every day.Therefore, selecting a beautiful and practical washbasin can make you feel happy.The traditional washbasin only pays attention to practicality, while the current popular washbasin pays more attention to shape, and its variety,style and shape are very rich.Generally, it is divided into three types:tabletop basin, column basin and hanging basin; The table basin can be divided into upper basin, upper basin,lower basin and semi-basin.The column basin can be divided into column basin and semi-column basin;It can be divided into round shape, oval shape,rectangle shape and polygon shape in form; it can be divided into elegant shape, simple shape, classical shape and modern shape in style.The column-type washbasin is more suitable for bathrooms (such as guest bathrooms) with small area or low utilization rate.Generally, the column-type washbasin is simple in design. Because the drainage components can be hidden in the column of the main basin, it gives people a clean and tidy appearance.In addition, when washing hands, the human body can naturally stand in front of the basin, which is more convenient and comfortable to use.Rural washbasins are more suitable for installing in large bathrooms.They can be made of natural stone or artificial stone countertops to work with them.They can also be customized under the countertops to hold bathroom supplies.

They are beautiful and practical.The installation of the basin on the table is relatively simple.Just open the hole at the predetermined position of the table according to the installation drawing,then put the basin in the hole,and fill the gap with glass glue.Because the basin on the stage can be shaped in various styles,and the decoration effect is ideal,it is used more in the family.However,the requirements for the installation process of the basin under the platform are high: first,the installation bracket of the basin under the platform should be customized according to the size of the basin under the platform,and then the basin under the platform should be installed at the predetermined position.After fixing the bracket, the platform with holes should be covered on the basin under the platform and fixed on the wall. Generally, angle iron should be used to support the platform surface and then fixed with the wall.The overall appearance of the basin under the table is neat and easy to take care of, so it is often used in public and Russian places, but the joint between the basin and the table is easy to hide dirt and not easy to clean.When selecting a glass basin, attention should be paid to the installation requirements of the product.Some basins should be fixed against the wall, and the basin body should be fixed with expansion bolts in the wall.If there are many pipelines in the wall, it is not suitable to use such a basin.In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the main accessories such as the water return bend of the basin, the water supply pipe of the basin faucet and the angle valve are complete.


The water horse trap is also known as the toilet. It is a new type of toilet that can replace the traditional squatting toilet. According to the way of flushing, the toilet can be roughly divided into flush type (ordinary flushing) and siphon type.The siphon type can also be divided into flush type,vortex type, jet type, etc.The difference between the siphon type and the ordinary flushing method is that the siphon function is achieved through the special curved pipe while flushing, and the dirt is discharged quickly. The siphon vortex type and jet type are equipped with water inlet channels for signals, and the water in the water tank flows into the toilet under the horizontal plane, so as to eliminate the noise generated by the impact of air and falling water in the pipeline when the water tank enters the water, and have a good mute effect;The common flushing and siphon flushing have strong sewage discharge capacity, but the voice is loud when flushing.During the purchase, the owner can decide according to the needs. Because sanitary ware is mostly made of ceramic, its appearance quality should be carefully checked when selecting: the glaze on the outside of the ceramic is the most important.The toilet with good glaze is smooth and delicate, with defects, and can still be smooth as new after repeated washing. If the quality of the glaze is not good, the dirt will pollute the walls of the toilet.

Gently tap the edge of the toilet with a thin stick. Listen to whether the sound is clear and crisp. When there is a "hoarse" sound, it can prove that the toilet has cracks: place the toilet on a flat table, rotate it in all directions, and check whether it is stable and symmetrical. Whether the edges of the mounting surface and the surface of the toilet are flat and straight, and whether the mounting holes are even and smooth. The glaze of high-quality toilet must be fine and smooth. The glaze color is uniform. You can drop a few drops of colored liquid on the glaze E, wipe it evenly with a cloth, dry it with a wet cloth after a few seconds, and then check the shaft surface. It is better to have no dirty spots.Pay attention to warranty and installation services when purchasing to avoid inconvenience in the future.Generally, regular sanitary ware sellers have relatively complete after-sales service, and can enjoy free installation and 3-5 years of warranty service; Small manufacturers are hard to guarantee.


Luogang is a traditional bathroom sanitary ware.After years of development, it has undergone great changes in both material and function.Commonly used bathtubs are generally divided into steel enamel bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs and pearlescent bathtubs.Its characteristics are as follows:

1.Steel enamel bathtub.The enamel surface is smooth, easy to transport and carry, but not resistant to impact and poor thermal insulation.

2. Cast iron bathtub. Strong and durable, high gloss, good acid and alkali resistance, but bulky.It is not easy to carry and install.

3.Acrylic bathtub.It is variable in shape, light in weight and good in thermal insulation.However, due to its low hardness, the agricultural surface is easy to produce scratches.

4.Pearlescent bathtub.The surface is smooth and has pearly luster, strong and durable, good thermal insulation, light weight, and easy to install.Generally, the length of the bathtub ranges from 1100-1700m, and the depth ranges from 500 to 800mn.If the bathroom area is small, 1100m and 1300mm bathtubs can be selected; If the bathroom area is large, 1500mm and 1700mm bathtubs can be selected; If the bathroom area is large enough, you can install high-end jacuzzi bathtubs, double bathtubs, or exposed bathtubs.The bathtub with a length of less than 1.5m is often deeper than the general bathtub, about 700mn, which is often referred to as the sitz bathtub.Because of the small area of the bottom of the bathtub, this bathtub is easier to stand than the ordinary bathtub, saving space, and does not affect the comfort of use.The massage bath can massage muscles, relieve pain and activate joints.There are three types of massage bathtub: light vortex type, which makes the water in the bath rotate; Bubble type, pumping air into water: combined type, combining the above two features. However, pay attention to select models that meet the safety standards, and ask professionals to install them.The selection of bathtub should also consider the comfort of human body, that is, ergonomics.The size of the bathtub conforms to the body shape, including the following aspects: the backrest should be close to the curve of the waist, and the tilt angle should be comfortable: the position of the massage hole in the massage bathtub should be appropriate;The head rest makes the head comfortable;The water outlet of the double bathtub should ensure that neither person feels uncomfortable; The size of the inside of the bathtub should be the length of the person's back against the bathtub, and the length of the leg should be straightened: the height of the bathtub should be the most appropriate at two-thirds of the inside of the person's thigh.

4.Shower room

Shower room is a popular product in the market at present.There are imported and domestic products. Because of its moderate price, simple installation,complete functions, and compliance with the requirements of wet and dry toilet,it is very popular with consumers.Recently, in terms of functions, the shower rooms on the market can be divided into three types: shower screen, computer steam room and overall shower room.The shower screen is the simplest shower room, including the bottom basin (acrylic material) and the screen made of aluminum alloy and glass, which plays the role of dry and wet separation and is used to keep the space clean.Computer steam room generally consists of shower system, steam system and physiotherapy massage system.The shower system of domestic steam room generally has top shower and bottom shower, and adds self-cleaning function: the steam system mainly emits steam through the independent steam hole at the bottom, and can put medicine in the medicine box to enjoy medical bath health care; the physiotherapy massage system mainly releases water through the acupuncture massage hole on the wall of the shower room, and massages the human body under the pressure of water.The overall shower room is between the shower screen and the computer steam room, regardless of its function and price.It can both shower and be totally enclosed: it can be used as a computer steam room, and it has abandoned the redundant functions of the computer steam room.

From the aspect of shape, the commonly used shower rooms include:

1.Vertical angle shower room.From the appearance, it can be square, arc and diamond.From the structure, it can be divided into sliding door, folding door and rotary door.From the entry mode, it can be divided into angle entry or single-side entry.The biggest feature of angle entry is that it can make better use of the limited bathroom area and expand the utilization rate.It is a widely used style

2.A zigzag bath screen.Some rooms are narrow in width,or have bathtub locations, but owners do not want to use bathtubs and choose shower screens, and use more zigzag shower screens.

3.Bathing screen on the bathtub. Many consumers have installed bathtubs, but often use showers. In order to give consideration to both, a bath screen can also be made on the bathtub, but the cost is very high. It is not cost-effective.When purchasing a shower room, you should pay attention to the following:

 the main material of the shower room is tempered Borui.The quality of the tempered Borui is quite different.The authentic tempered Borui has faint patterns when you look carefully:the framework of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy.The surface is sprayed with plastic, which is not rotten or rusty.The aluminum alloy thickness of the main frame should be more than 1.1m, so that the door is not easy to deform; Check whether the ball bearing is flexible, whether the opening and closing of the door is convenient and light, and whether the frame assembly uses stainless steel screws: the material of the bottom basin is divided into glass fiber, acrylic and diamond, of which the diamond is the best, and the dirt removal is convenient; In addition, be sure to buy products with detailed manufacturer name, address and product certificate. Meanwhile, compare after-sales service and ask for warranty card.


The sink is an essential sanitary ware in the kitchen.It is generally used on the counter of the cabinet.The porcelain square sink supported by the traditional mountain iron bracket has been gradually retired, but the new style sink with new shape and new material has been selected.Common materials include brushed stainless steel sink, acid-alkali resistant artificial crystal stone sink with rich colors,Corioli water tip with fine texture and seamless connection with the table top, ceramic enamel water pick, granite mixed water tip, etc.

Each material of sink has its own characteristics, as follows:

1.Stainless steel sinks are available in matt, polished, frosted and other styles.They not only overcome the defects of easy scratching and water marks, but also have good sound absorption ability.They can minimize the noise generated when washing dishes.The stainless steel sink has a variety of sizes and shapes.Its luster can make the whole day room very modern.

2. Artificial crystalline stone is a kind of artificial composite material,which is made by mixing crystalline stone or quartz stone with resin.The sink made of this material has strong corrosion resistance,strong plasticity and diverse colors.Compared with the metal texture of stainless steel.It is more promiscuous and diverse colors can cater to various overall kitchen designs.

3.Granite mixed water tip is a product made of 80% natural granite powder mixed with acrylic acid trephine.It is a high-grade material. Its appearance and texture are as hard and smooth as pure natural stone.The surface of the sink is more elegant, fashionable, beautiful and wear-resistant.


In terms of function, the commonly used faucets are divided into four categories: cold water faucet, basin faucet, fish tank faucet and shower faucet.

1.Cold water faucet. Its structure is mostly screw rod lifting type, that is, through the rotation of the handle, the screw is lifted and opened or closed.Its advantage is that it is cheaper, but its disadvantage is that its service life is shorter.

2.Basin faucet.It is used for discharging cold water, hot water or mixed cold and hot water.Its structure includes screw lifting type, metal ball valve type, ceramic valve core type, etc.The valve body is made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and various colors of metal baking paint on the surface, and various shapes;The handle is divided into single handle and double handle;The high-end faucet of the washbasin is equipped with a water-falling lifting rod, which can directly pull and open the water-falling mouth of the washbasin to discharge sewage.

3.Bath faucet. At present, ceramic valve type single-handle bathtub faucet is popular in the market.The water temperature can be adjusted with a single handle,which is convenient to use;The ceramic valve core makes the faucet more durable and watertight.The valve body of the bathtub faucet is mostly made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and various kinds of metal baking paint on the surface.

4.Shower faucet. Its valve body is mostly made of brass, with chrome and gold plating on its surface.The methods of opening and closing water flow include screw lifting type, ceramic valve core type, etc.,which are used to open cold and hot mixed water.

The valve core of the faucet determines the quality of the faucet.Therefore, to select a good faucet, you should first understand the valve core of the faucet.At present, there are three main types of valve core: ceramic valve core,metal ball valve core and axial rolling valve core.The advantages of ceramic valve core are low price, less pollution to water quality, but the ceramic texture is brittle and easy to crack.The metal valve core has the advantages of not being affected by water quality, accurate control of water temperature, and energy saving;The advantages of the axial rolling valve core are smooth rotation of the handle, easy and convenient operation, comfortable and easy feel, aging resistance and wear resistance

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