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Sanitray Ware Sanitray Ware
Sanitray Ware Sanitray Ware
Sanitray Ware Sanitray Ware
Sanitray Ware Sanitray Ware
Sanitray Ware Sanitray Ware


Sanitray Ware

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Sanitary Ware Supplier

Types of Sanitary Ware

Decoulife Buildings provides various types of sanitary ware such as toilet, faucet, wash basin, shower stall and bathtub and other fixtures like bidet, dressing cabinet, storage shelves etc. which can be used for construction projects.

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It can be divided into two categories: flushing and siphoning. Can be divided into two types according to shape and split. The new toilet is also equipped with insulation and bidet functions.


Divided into three types: hanging, column, desktop.

Shower room

It consists of door panel and bottom basin. Shower room door panel is divided into PS board, FRP board and tempered glass according to materials.

Hardware accessories

The pattern is different. In addition to the above-mentioned sanitary ware accessories, it also includes various water nozzles, glass brackets, towel rack (ring) soap tanks, toilet paper tanks, shower curtains, anti-fog mirrors and so on.


A variety of shapes. According to the way, there are sits bath and lying bath.

As with any product, you usually rate the quality of sanitary wares based on the quality of raw materials. This directly affects the product’s lifespan or how long you can use it. Also, you measure quality based on the benefits or features of these products:

Easy to clean




Thicker glaze

Thicker color


Designs and sizes

Water absorption