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Summary of common cutting methods of 6061 aluminum plate

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6061 aluminum plate's cutting methods

6061 aluminum plate is commonly a commodity in T state, generally in T6 state with higher hardness. The aluminum plate has the characteristics of high hardness, good cutting performance, and excellent welding performance. It is suitable for various production processes such as turning, milling, and grinding of CNC lathes. It is often used in mechanical parts, auto parts, and mold processing. Compressive strength of machining in the manufacturing industry.

Generally, the thickness of 6061 aluminum plate must be about 10mm, or even more than 300mm. The hydraulic shearing machine cannot carry out cutting,aluminium plate sheet design - Decoulife so how can we divide the ultra-thick 6061 aluminum plate? Cutting machine equipment. Generally, people will choose CNC sawing machine (disc sawing machine or metal band sawing machine) to carry out sawing production and processing for 6061 aluminum plate cutting machines.

In order to cut the 6061 aluminum plate, people must know the specifications of the professional aluminum plate. The sawing is different from the cutting. The sawing must be embedded in the capacity. Precision is generally suitable for 6061 aluminum plate laser cutting when the capacity is placed, and people are accustomed to control the capacity at 3-5mm. In other words, the specifications of 6061 aluminum plate laser cutting are large, but not small.

For 6061 aluminum plate laser cutting, it is necessary to select suitable cutting oil and cutting fluid. Due to the high number of rotations and frictional heat of the sawing machine equipment in the laser cutting of 6061 aluminum plates, if there is no need for cutting oil refrigeration, the woodworking saw blade will be deformed and broken, and the aluminum plate will also be uneven according to the cross-section, and there are burrs.

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