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The Benefits of Powder-Coating Your Aluminum Coil

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The Benefits of Powder-Coating Your Aluminum Coil

1. The process is relatively simple.

Mainly thanks to the improvement of the automatic precision of the main equipment in the production process, microcomputer control can be realized for some main technical parameters, which effectively reduces the difficulty of process operation, and at the same time, the auxiliary equipment is greatly reduced.

2. High yield.

Under normal circumstances, if the measures are appropriate, the production of non-conforming products can be controlled to the greatest extent.

3. The energy consumption is obviously reduced.

In the production process of ordinary anodizing and electrophoretic coating, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large, especially in the oxidation process. The output current of the rectifier can reach between 8000~11000A, and the voltage is between 15~17.5V. In addition to the heat consumption of the machine itself, it is necessary to continuously use circulating water to cool down, and the power consumption per ton is often around 1000 degrees. At the same time, the reduction of auxiliary facilities can also reduce some power consumption.

4. The degree of pollution to water and air is reduced, and flake alkali, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents are no longer used, reducing water and air pollution, and effectively improving the competitiveness of aluminum profiles and plastic-steel profiles as environmentally friendly products. Correspondingly reduced some production costs.

5. The labor intensity of workers is significantly reduced.coil aluminium design - Decoulife

Due to the use of automated assembly line operations, the feeding method and the use of fixtures have been significantly simplified, which improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

6. The surface quality requirements for wool are significantly reduced.

Powder coating can completely cover the extrusion pattern on the surface of the profile, cover up some defects on the surface of the aluminum profile, and improve the surface quality of the finished aluminum profile.

7. Some physical indicators of the coating film are significantly improved compared with other surface treatment films, such as hardness and wear resistance, which can effectively prolong the service life of aluminum profiles.

8. Although aluminum alloy has natural rust and corrosion resistance in outdoor environment, it will cause oxidation reflection on the surface of aluminum alloy and cause color difference. The appearance of color aluminum just solves the problem of the surface of the aluminum plate, and further increases the service life of the aluminum plate and aluminum coil. The use of color aluminum in the outdoor environment can increase the service life of the product to a great extent, and also beautify the product.

9. The surface does not change color, and it is as smooth as new after long-term use. Everyone knows that the car is made of steel. If the paint does not fall off (collision), there will be no problem for more than ten years, so the paint can better protect the surface. , If the car collides, the paint surface will corrode and rust soon after the paint surface is damaged, but the color aluminum is not. one.

10. The specific gravity is light, and the density of aluminum is very light compared to steel, so aluminum is often used in aerospace. Many construction and transportation industries are very sensitive to weight and expect low weight and high strength. At this time, colored aluminum is a good material. In the future, new energy vehicles will be built with aluminum as raw material. Because of light weight, energy consumption will be less. will be greatly reduced. In terms of construction, the previous color steel tiles and color aluminum will soon be replaced, not only because of the good anti-rust performance, but also because of the light weight, the pressure on the steel structure is relatively small.

Powder coating is powder coating, and electrostatic spraying is used in the process. Using the action of the friction spray gun, under the influence of the accelerated wind, the powder particles carry a positive charge when they are sprayed out of the gun body, and come into contact with the negatively charged profiles to produce Electrostatic adsorption, then high temperature curing. It also enhances the adsorption strength of the paint and prevents the paint film from falling off.

From the point of view of the process itself, it has a fairly high technological component, and it is possible to mix paints of different colors to produce decorative effects of different colors, which is more in line with the needs of interior decoration and is also in line with the trend of the application of aluminum profiles in the construction industry to the interior consistent. In particular, the combined use of spray profiles and thermal insulation bridges makes them more fashionable and gives powder spray profiles greater development space, which is irreplaceable for profiles produced by other processing methods.

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