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The Black Aluminum Coil - A New Product for the Homeowner

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The Black Aluminum Coil - A New Product for the Homeowner

High-gloss black color coated aluminum coil products are widely used in construction and decoration.Black Aluminum Coil for sale - Decoulife

Aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum alloy shutter door, garage door, awning, aluminum ceiling, thermal insulation composite metal plate, building metal curtain wall, exterior wall decoration , 3004 aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof, corrugated aluminum alloy roof, corrugated aluminum alloy roof, steel structure building, metal ceiling, interior decoration, fireproof board, advertising display board; electronic appliances and household appliances: elevators, electrical enclosures, computers Chassis panels, lighting, furniture, solar reflectors, solar water heater tank shells; road traffic, automobiles.

Others: traffic facility signs, vehicle interiors, ship decorations, advertising panels, chassis shells, luggage, metal packaging, aerospace, automotive Radiators; furniture and home decoration: metal furniture, furniture finishes, kitchen cabinets, various countertops, compartment partitions, mobile rooms, toll booths, etc., with beautiful appearance, light weight, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, easy processing.

Good fire performance, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and many colors. Colored aluminum coils are widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, honeycomb panels, thermal insulation panels, aluminum curtain walls, shutters, rolling shutters, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing systems, Aluminum ceilings, household appliances, downspouts, aluminum cans and many other fields.

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