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The differences between alumina plate and ordinary aluminum plate

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The differences between alumina plate and ordinary aluminum plate

1. Appearance distinction

From the appearance point of view, the surface of the aluminum oxide plate is more detailed and the gloss is mild. The unique air oxidation solution can create an air oxide film with some elements on the surface of the aluminum plate, so that the surface of the aluminum plate can show different tones and improve the visual impact. Immediately stamping and processing improves the overall appearance of the company's products. Compared with ordinary aluminum plates, the air alumina plate makes the product material higher and richer.

For example, the common colors of alumina board:

(1) Silver-white anodizing, that is, aluminum primary color anodizing, is similar to the original color tone of the Harmony aluminum plate, only slightly darker, the color tone is well-proportioned, and the difference in touch is obvious!

(2) Acid-milled yarn anodizing: This type of anodized surface is foggy and milky white, and some are like a sandy surface (in the lower part of the picture, the upper two tones are acid-milled yarn, and the other is not anodized)

(3) Alkali grinding yarn, darker than acid grinding, also has a little sandy surface, looks smooth anode

(4) Anodizing of mirror glass, people usually discuss photo-oxygen catalysis, which is called very bright, similar to bathroom mirrors

(5) There is no need to talk about the other colors of the ancient tungsten color, it is very easy to distinguish.

2. Tactile distinctionbuy aluminum stucco sheet - Decoulife

Distinguish from the touch: the unanodized aluminum plate is relatively astringent, and it feels a little sticky. After anodization, the aluminum plate is smooth and clean (especially the anodized one with better sealing performance, and then distinguish from the color tone. Generally, after the production and processing of the aluminum plate, the anodized aluminum plate is smooth and clean. The production characteristics are better than ordinary aluminum plates. Such excellent characteristics are reflected in the corrosion resistance. For example, under the same conditions, the service life of general aluminum plates and anodized aluminum plates is different, and the anti-corrosion properties of anodized aluminum plates are much better, even It is about twice that of ordinary aluminum plates, especially in outdoor long-term applications, the corrosion resistance of anodized aluminum plates is significantly better than that of ordinary aluminum plates.

3. Use distinction

The service life of the anodized aluminum plate is longer than that of the traditional general aluminum plate. Since the aluminum plate will produce a certain anodized layer after anodization, the surface should be more meaningful. Therefore, whether it is used outdoors or in a designated natural environment, its service life is undoubtedly longer than that of ordinary aluminum plates, and the price of anodized aluminum plates is undoubtedly higher than that of ordinary aluminum plates. It is precisely because of the anodized layer formed after anodization that a fine natural barrier protective layer is established between the aluminum oxide plate and the aluminum plate. At the same time, if the general aluminum plate is anodized, the general aluminum plate can effectively increase the service life of the surface of the metal material after anodization, and is more wear-resistant and longer.

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