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The popularity of aluminum veneer's reasons

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Reasons for the popularity of aluminum veneer

Why do more and more exterior wall decoration like to use aluminum veneer? Today, let us talk about six advantages. Aluminum veneer is mainly reflected in the following six aspects.

 1. Surface treatment of aluminum veneer: The surface of aluminum veneer is usually pretreated by grinding, polishing, pickling, chrome plating, etc., andCarved Aluminum Veneer china company - Decoulife then sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. Polyvinylidene fluoride resin for fluorocarbon paint finishes and varnishes. Generally divided into two-layer paint, three-layer paint, two-layer fluorocarbon paint, non-comparable paint above 30um, three-layer fluorocarbon paint, and qualified products above 40um. Fluorocarbon coatings have excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, strong anti-ultraviolet radiation ability, ultraviolet and ultraviolet radiation resistance can be maintained for a long time, no fading , powdering, long service life.

2. Curtain wall aluminum veneer: Aluminum veneer curtain wall has good corrosion resistance, and the color of fluorocarbon paint without legs can reach 30 years.

3. Aluminum veneer processing: Aluminum veneer can be processed into complex geometric figures such as planes, arcs, and spheres, which are processed first and then painted.

4. Curtain wall aluminum veneer cleaning: The board is not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. The non-adhesive nature of the fluorine film makes it difficult to adhere to surface contaminants and has good self-cleaning properties.

5. Aluminum veneer installation and construction: Aluminum veneer is formed in the factory. No cutting is required on the construction site. Just fix the lifting lugs and the installed keel with dovetail screws and glue them firmly.

6. Advantages of aluminum veneer curtain wall: recyclable and environmentally friendly. The aluminum plate can be completely recycled and has a high recycling value.

Fluorocarbon aluminum and aluminum veneer used for outdoor procurement have strict quality requirements. There are strict regulations on raw material procurement, production and installation. Moreover, practice has proved that compared with other products, fluorocarbon aluminum and aluminum veneer have many incomparable advantages.

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