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The process of painting aluminum

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As well known, Coated aluminum is also known as roller coated aluminum, coated aluminum coil, and roller coated aluminum coil.

Painting aluminum process

Step 1: Aluminum coil formationColor decorative steel coil price - Decoulife

It works by pre-treating aluminium coils before roll coating. First, clean the layer of lubricating oil, anti-oxidation grease and various dirt attached to the surface of the aluminum coil during rolling to remove the precipitation of impurities such as silicon, magnesium and copper on the surface of the aluminum material. 

Then, some chemical raw materials are added, and the aluminum coil is chemically processed. It forms a honeycomb-shaped oxide film with a fine structure on its surface, which can make the paint and the aluminum coil closely combine with the aluminum coil when the aluminum coil is rolled, and has excellent adhesion.

Step 2: Coating and Baking

The formed aluminum coil passes through the painting room and is painted with the paint of the color specified by the customer. In the first stage, fine three-roller or four-roller reverse roller coating machine is used to carry out fine coating in a closed and dust-free condition to control the thickness and appearance quality of the coating; the second stage, baking, is divided into four furnace zones with different settings. temperature to bake the painted aluminum coil. 

After high temperature baking, the molecules of the paint are linked and cured, so that the solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility and weather resistance of the coating reach the ideal state. Coated aluminum coils have outstanding gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance.

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