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Uses and applications of Aluminum coils

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Aluminum coils are widely used in electronics,packaging, construction, machinery, etc.What are the uses of aluminum coils? What are the categories of aluminum coils?I believe that you are interested in the classification of the use of aluminum coils.According to the different metal elements contained in aluminum coils,aluminum coils can be divided into 9 categories,that is, 9 series.Here is a step-by-step introduction:

1.1000 series Aluminum coils

The representative 1000 series aluminum coil is also called pure aluminum coil.Among all series, the 1000 series belongs to the series with the highest aluminum content.The purity can reach more than 99.00%.Because it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap.It is the most commonly used series in conventional industry at present.

2.2000 series

It represents 2A16 (LY16) 2A06 (LY6) 2000 series aluminum coil,which is characterized by high hardness,with the highest content of copper, about 3-5%.The 2000 series aluminum coil belongs to aviation aluminum and is not often used in conventional industry.

3.3000 series

It mainly represents 3003 3003 3A21.Also known as antirust aluminum coil,China's 3000 series aluminum coil production process is relatively excellent.The 3000 series aluminum coil is mainly composed of manganese.The content is between 1.0 and 1.5.It is a series with good anti-rust function.Generally used in humid environments such as air conditioners,refrigerators, car bottoms,etc.,the price is higher than 1000 series,which is a relatively common alloy series.

4.4000 series

The aluminum coil represented by the 4A01 4000 series belongs to the series with high silicon content.Generally,the silicon content is between 4.5-6.0%.It belongs to construction materials,mechanical parts,forging materials and welding materials;Low melting point, good corrosion resistance.

5.5000 series

Represent 5052.5005.5083.5A05 series.The 5000 series aluminum coil belongs to the more commonly used alloy aluminum coil series.The main element is magnesium,and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. It can also be called aluminum magnesium alloy.

6.6000 series

Representative 6061 mainly contains magnesium and silicon,so it focuses on the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series. 6061 is a cold-treated aluminum forging product,suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation.

7.7000 series

Represents 7075, which mainly contains zinc.It also belongs to aviation series.It is aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy.It is a heat-treatable alloy.It belongs to superhard aluminum alloy and has good wear resistance.

8.8000 series

The more commonly used 8011 belongs to other series.Most applications are aluminum foil. Not very often.

9.9000 series

It belongs to the standby series,and the International Aluminum Coiling and Strip Federation specially indicates that the 9000 series is the standby series

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