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Washstand vs Bowl

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A washstand or basin stand is a piece of furniture consisting of a small table or cabinet, usually supported on three or four legs, most often of mahogany, walnut, or rosewood, used to hold a washbasin and jug.Smaller varieties are used in rosewater baths, or in hair powder.Larger with soap dish container, precursor to the modern bathroom washbasin or sink.Both forms, often very elegant, were widely used through much of the 18th century and early 19th century, eventually disappearing with the advent of modern interior plumbing.


Objects washstand

  • Bowls, round containers

  • Pudding bowl, a bowl in which raw pudding dough or batter is used for cooking.

  • An emetic bowl, a kidney-shaped bowl used for vomitus in hospitals etc.

  • Sinks, plumbing fixtures.

  • Toilet bowl, another name for toilet bowl (dish).

  • Hand basins, sinks or bowls to hold water for handwashing and other light washing.

  • Basin stand or washbasin stand, an old piece of furniture used to hold washbasins, jugs, towels, etc.

Other uses

  • "Basin" (chanson de geste), a poem about Charlemagne's childhood.

  • Basins,dry dock areas that can be flooded and drained.

  • Basins of attraction, in mathematics, regions of nonlinear systems with attractors.

  • The canal basin, the butt joint of the canal, is wide enough to allow uninterrupted canal traffic.

  • Basin (horse), an American thoroughbred racehorse.

  • Thomas Basin (1412–1491), bishop and historian of Lisier,France.

  • Water Basin, a subdivision of the US Hydrographic Units system


A bowl is a typically round plate or container usually used for preparing, serving or eating food.The interior of the bowl has the typical spherical cap shape, with the rim and bottom forming a seamless curve.This makes the bowl especially suitable for holding liquids and loose foods, as the bowl's contents are naturally centered in its center by gravity.The outside of the bowl is usually round, but can be any shape, including rectangular.Bowls vary in size, from small bowls for single servings to larger bowls that are often used to serve or store more than one serving, such as punch bowls or salad bowls.There is some overlap between bowls, cups and plates. Very small bowls, such as tea bowls, are often called cups, while plates with particularly deep holes are often called bowls.In many cultures, bowls are the most common utensils used to hold and eat food.Historically, small bowls have also been used to hold tea and wine.In Western cultures, plates and cups are more commonly used.

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