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Ways To Make Aluminum Coil Look Great

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How To Make Aluminum Coil Look Great

1. Smelter processing

Aluminum ingots can be divided into three types: waste aluminum for remelting, high purity waste aluminum and aluminum alloy ingots according to different compositions; According to appearance and specification, it can be divided into bar ingot, round ingot, plate ingot, T-shaped ingot, etc. Aluminum is a kind of silver metal material, and the composition of secondary oxygen and silicon rank third in the earth's surface. The density of aluminum is small, only 34.61% of iron and 30.33% of copper. Therefore, it is also called non-metallic material, which is the rare metal with the world's production and use only second to steel.

2. Cast rolling/hot rollingchina white aluminum coil - Decoulife

Liquid metal is fed into the front tank with controllable height width ratio of liquid level from the stationary furnace according to the flow chute. A runner is set at the bottom of the front box to make the liquid metal enter the casting nozzle through the regulator, and the metal material is evenly distributed to the specified overall width. The liquid metal is discharged from the casting nozzle and touches the roll surface cooled by the casting mill. Then, after straightening and winding, it is coiled. During casting and rolling, there is a similar ladder shaped section between the two rolls. In this section, casting and rolling are carried out instantaneously. Therefore, the length of casting and rolling area, casting temperature, cooling and forging speed, the demand for liquid metal in a moment of crystallization and the rising working pressure of liquid metal must be strictly controlled to ensure the normal casting and rolling.

3. Cold rolling of aluminum coil

The difference between cold rolling and hot rolling is that cold rolling is rolling at the work hardening temperature, while hot rolling is rolling above the work hardening temperature. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Cold rolling is mainly used to solve the problem of materials that cannot be heat strengthened. Generally, the surface layer is highly regulated, and thin materials such as single zero foil and double zero foil can only be cold rolled; Hot rolling is mainly used to produce billets for cold rolling. Secondly, many materials need to have high corrosion resistance. These functions such as fatigue mitigation and strong ductility also need to be obtained through hot rolling.

4. Leveling package

Aluminum coil leveling packaging is essentially cold rolling with small reduction (0.3% - 3%). Leveling can improve the shape of the plate, improve the verticality of the plate and strip, and change the physical properties of the hot rolled strip in a certain range according to the adjusted flattening reduction rate. Double click mouse rack or tri sound card rack leveling can also achieve a large reduction rate, which is convenient for manufacturing thin tinplate. After heat treatment, the general strip, tinplate, automobile sheet, etc. need to be leveled.

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