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Ways to Use Aluminum Veneer

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Ways to Use Aluminum Veneer

In building wall decoration, there are three commonly used installation methods for aluminum veneer in the choice of decorative effect and installation structure. , to the plug-in close installation.

First, The fixed position of the cable

Before installing the aluminum veneer, pull the control line according to its horizontal and height positions. It is necessary to ensure that the verticality of the vertical and horizontal directions is straightened and straightened, so as to avoid the inclination and asymmetry of the aluminum veneer after installation. The material of the aluminum veneer needs to be prepared in advance, and the corresponding size is selected according to the size of the area.

Second, the installation of the keel

The next step is to install the keel. The installation of the keel is very important in the installation of the aluminum veneer. The quality of the installation can directly affect the overall effect. If the installation is not firm, the aluminum veneer will fall off. Then fix the pre-welded keel to the main wall, and use infrared rays to keep it neat. This process must be very careful, and errors must not be allowed. There needs to be a certain appropriate distance between the skeleton and the skeleton. After the position is determined, it can be fixed with screws.

Third, Anti-rust treatment on the surface of the keelchina Aluminum Veneer - Decoulife

After the keel is installed, it is still necessary to do a layer of anti-rust treatment on the surface of the keel. Even if the keel is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, it is generally not easy to rust. Even so, the welding must be done. Good rust protection. In order to achieve a better effect, it is necessary to do anti-rust treatment before fixing to prevent corrosion, and also apply a layer of metal anti-rust paint on the surface, which can prevent the skeleton keel from rusting when exposed to water.

Fourth, the installation of aluminum veneer

After the previous anti-rust treatment, the aluminum veneer will be installed below. Prepare the aluminum veneer to be used in advance, and confirm that each aluminum veneer is pressed on the keel in an orderly manner, and the arrangement between the aluminum veneers needs to be kept tight. , Fasten the aluminum veneer on the keel with a little force, and confirm that the board surface is flat. Then fix it with screws and fasten it according to the order before installing another piece.

Five, seal glue

After all the aluminum veneers are confirmed to be the same and installed, the next step is to do surface sealing treatment, in order to make the surface waterproof. You need to use weather-resistant glue to fill the gaps in the aluminum veneer, then clean the excess glue, and finally clean the surface.

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